Institute of Classical Archaeology

Processes of Reception of Statue Types: Greece – Rome – North-western Provinces

The statues preserved form Antiquity can be, in large part, grouped together in co-called statue types (german: Statuenschemata). A specific statue type, e. g. the Polykleitan Diadumenos, was reworked and transferred into new versions, with different materials and placed into various functional contexts.

The main objective of the project is to systematically study the dynamics and transformational aspects of such processes of reception by examining selected Statuenschemata in Greece, Rome, and the North-western provinces of the Roman Empire.

Prof. Dr. Johannes Lipps, Juniorprofessor
Institute of Classical Archaeology
Schloss Hohentübingen
Burgsteige 11
72070 Tübingen

In collaboration with:
Jochen Griesbach (University of Würzburg)
Martin Dorka Moreno (University of Tübingen)
Beatrice Böse
Linda Stoessel

Funded by:
The Juniorprofessorenprogramm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany