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The late Antique Destruction of the Basilica Aemilia, Rome

The objective of the project is to explore the date and the reasons for the destruction of the Basilica Aemilia in the vicinity of the Forum Romanum in Late Antiquity. At the centre of the study are ca. 2600 coins which come from a homogeneous Late Antique destruction layer that suggests the devastation of the Basilica through fire. The Basilica Aemilia has, thus far, served as a prime example for the barbarian destructions of the city of Rome in 410 AD. In the course of the project that assumption will be critically assessed and, if applicable, revised.

The project is carried out in collaboration with Dr. P. Fortini – Dr. R. Egidi (Soprintendenza autonoma di Roma); Dr. U. Broccoli, Dr. C. Parisi-Presicce, F. Catalli (Comune di Roma); Prof. Dr. R. Förtsch (Forschungsarchiv Antike Plastik University of Cologne, Germany, and German Archaeological Insitute); Prof. Dr. K. S. Freyberger (German Archaeological Institute, Rome Department).

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