Institute of Classical Archaeology

People Abroad

XVI. International Colloquium on Roman Provinacial Art
Tübingen, April 9 - 13, 2019

Initiated by the classical scholars Prof. Dr. Erwin Pochmarski and Prof. Dr. Manfred Hainzmann, the first International Colloquium on Provincial Roman Art took place in Graz 1989. Thenceforward, it has established itself successfully as one of the most important scientific forums on Roman provincial stone sculpture with 14 congresses held in nine different countries of the former Roman eastern and western provinces. The 16th gathering entitled as ´People Abroad´ is hosted by the University of Tübingen and centers on migratory aspects of the provincial Roman material culture.

Graz (1989)

Veszprém (1991)

Bonn (1993)

Celje (1995)

Maastricht (1997)

Budapest (1999)

Cologne (2001)

Zagreb (2003)

Innsbruck (2005)

Arles (2007)

Mérida (2009)

Pula (2011)

Bukarest (2013)

Dijon (2015)

Graz (2017)

Tübingen (2019)

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