Irfan Zuberi, M.A.

Project Manager, National Cultural Audiovisual Archives, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts |
(World’s First ISO 16363:2012 Certified Trustworthy Digital Repository)

Chair, National Archives Section & Member, Journal Editorial Board, International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA) |
(Global Network of Audiovisual Archives)

Member, Content Team, Centre for Indian Music Experience |
(India's First Experiential Music Museum)

Chief Research Advisor, NaadSaagar Archives & Documentation Society for South Asian Music |
(Archiving, Documentation, Research Projects, Outreach & Dissemination of South Asian Music)


Doktorand / PhD-student

Prof. Dr. Heike Oberlin (Univ. of Tübingen, Dept. of Indology)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Morent (Univ. of Tübingen, Dept. of Musicology)
Prof. Richard Widdess (Univ. of London, SOAS, Dept. of Music, School of Arts)

Working title of the thesis:
The Qawwali Bachche tradition of South Asia: A study of the lineage, musical style and repertoire between the mid-nineteenth and late twentieth centuries.