Chinese Studies

Anja Chen, B.A. 陈安雅

M.A. Candidate, Department of Chinese Studies, University of Tübingen

Academic Career

  • 2017 B.A. Sinology, University of Tübingen

Research Focus
The research focus of her master thesis lies on the history of mathematical exchange between the Jesuit mission and late Ming literati. She examines the treatise Dace 大測 (Grand Measure) by the German Jesuit Johann Schreck alias Terrentius (Deng Yuhan 鄧玉函, 1576-1630) which systematically introduced the most advanced and crucial Western knowledge about trigonometry at that time to late Ming China. The aim of the master thesis is to translate the Dace and to find out how the treatise was received by Chinese scholars and mathematicians.
This master thesis is part of the research project “Translating Western Science, Technology and Medicine to Late Ming China: Convergences and Divergences in the Light of the Kunyu gezhi 坤輿格致 (Investigations of the Earth’s Interior; 1640) and the Taixi shuifa 泰西水法 (Hydromethods of the Great West; 1612),” supervised by Prof. Hans Ulrich Vogel.

Picture on the left: First chapter of 《Dace》 大测 (Grand Measure) facsimile in 《Xinxiyang lishu》 西洋新法历书 (Calendrical Treatise Based on the New Western Methods), reprint in 《Xinxiyang lishu baijuan》 西洋新法历书 一百卷 (2000), Haikou: Hainan chubanshe, p.293. Picture on the right: Cover of 《Trigonometriae sive de dimensione triangulorum libri quinque》 (1612) compiled by Bartholomaeus Pitiscus (1561-1613). 《Trigonometriae》 was the main reference work for the compilation of the 《Dace》.