Chinese Studies

Sebastian Demuth, M.A. 鄧愛森

Doctoral Candidate, Department of Chinese Studies, University of Tübingen

Academic Career

Research Focus

In his master thesis Sebastian Demuth investigated the development of cartography in imperial China and analysed the Waiyi 外夷 (foreign peoples) chapters in Cheng Bai’er’s 程百二 (ca. 16th-17th cent.) late Ming geographical compilation Fangyu shenglüe 方輿勝略 (Compendium of the Geographical Features of the World; 1610). In his dissertation project with the title “The Making of a Chinese World Chronicle: Li Zhi 李贄 (1527-1602) and the Shigang pingyao 史綱評要 (1613) in the Context of Late Ming Historiography” he examines the life of the philosopher Li Zhi and his allegedly authored world chronicle Shigang pingyao (General Outline of History, Appended by Critical Notes of Prime Importance, 1613) against the backdrop of the Ming historiographical developments. In addition to that, Sebastian Demuth is collaborating in Prof. Hans Ulrich Vogel’s translation project "Translating Western Science, Technology and Medicine to Late Ming China: Convergences and Divergences in the Light of the Kunyu gezhi 坤輿格致 (Investigations of the Earth’s Interior, 1640) and Taixi shuifa 泰西水法 (Hydromethods of the Great West, 1612)."

Other Activities

Sebastian Demuth is currently working on various publications. Among other writings, he prepares entries on the terms gonglun 公論 (public discourse), xiushen 修身 (self-cultivation), and tianming 天命 (Mandate of Heaven) for a book project on core concepts in historical thinking. Furthermore, he prepares an article, in which he reconstructs and contextualizes his great-grandfather’s activities in the East Asian Expeditionary Corps during the Boxer Uprising 1900/1901 on the basis of a field post letter and two postcards. Moreover, he translates the late Qing dynasty science fiction novel "Tales of the Moon Colony" (Yueqiu zhimindi xiaoshuo 月球殖民地小說; 1904) von Huangjiang Diaosou 荒江釣叟 ("Old Fisherman of the Secluded River").