Germanistische Institutspartnerschaft (GIP) – sponsored by DAAD

between the German Seminar Tübingen and the Department of Language and Literature Studies (German Section) of the University of Namibia




Namibia and Germany are historically and to this day connected by the German-Namibian colonial history. The memory of this divided history takes place in very different ways in both countries, but above all it has led to fundamentally different contemporary societies and cultures. Moreover, both countries currently share the challenge of having to deal with great social diversity.

The German Studies Institute Partnership between the German Seminar of the University of Tübingen and the Department of Language and Literature Studies (German Section) of the University of Namibia was made possible by the DAAD funding program "German Studies Institute Partnerships Worldwide". Within the framework of the partnership, the joint topic 'Diversity and Memory - Namibian / German Perspectives' will be developed and implemented in joint teaching and research projects. The focus is on historical and contemporary concepts and problems of diversity in (post-)colonial memory in German and Namibian or African literature of the 20th and 21st century.



  • Workshop vom 21-23. Oktober 2021 in Tübingen zum Thema "Diversität und Zugehörigkeit" in der deutschen und namibischen Gegenwartskultur, Literatur und Medien. Nähe Informationen folgen in Kürze. 
Gemeinsame Lehrprojekte
  • gemeinsame Lehreinheiten zu namibischer Gegenwartsliteratur und zur deutsch-namibischen Literatur
  • Das Haupt- bzw. Oberseminar von Prof. Dr. Sigrid G. Köhler mit dem Titel: „Kolonialismus und das kulturelle Gedächtnis: deutsche u. namibische Perspektiven (von H. Witbooi bis L. Fels)“ findet im Rahmen der für das Jahr 2021 bewilligten DAAD-Institutspartnerschaft zwischen dem Deutschen Seminar der Universität Tübingen und der Deutschabteilung der University of Namibia statt.
Mobility Program

Within the framework of the German Studies Institute Partnership, a student exchange will also take place. Further informations will follow shortly.

International Guests


Kodzo Abotsi, M.A. is a PhD student in the research group "Langues, Littératures et Identités Germano-Africaines" at the Département d'Allemand of the Université de Lomé. He completed a Master in Civilisation Allemande (2015) and a Bachelor in Education (2018) at the Université de Lomé. He was a DAAD scholar at the University of Bremen (winter semester 2014/2015) and conducted a research stay at the University of Bayreuth in the summer of 2019 as part of the GIP project (German Studies Institute Partnership Bayreuth, Lome, Abomey-Calavi and Winneba).

Kodzo Abotsi has been a visiting doctoral student at the German Department of the University of Tübingen since December 2020 as a scholarship holder of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation.

His main areas of interest are German colonial and mission history in West Africa, traces and heritage of the German colonial period in Togo, and transcultural studies.