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Prof. Dr. Stefanie Gropper

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Gropper (Scandinavian Studies)



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My area of specialisation is medieval Scandinavian literature.
Collaborative project MoMod (Modes of Modification) with Karl-Gunnar A. Johansson (Oslo), Anna Horn (Oslo), Jonatan Petterson (Stockholm), Massimiliano Bampi (Venedig) and Elise Kleivane (Oslo).
My strand within this project, "Texts in the Insular Distance. Narrative Concepts in Medieval Icelandic Literature", examines the emergence of saga genres from three perspectives: 1. intratextually by analysing the narrative techniques of singular works. 2. diachronically by relating these analyses to changes within the transmission of the texts. 3. Internationally by comparing the results of the first two steps to general tendencies in the medieval North as well as in medieval Europe.



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