Institute of English Languages and Literatures

Module Handbooks and Examination Regulations

We strongly recommend that all students be familiar with the module handbook and the exam regulations of their course program(s).

The module handbook helps to understand the course structure that students see in the "Studienplaner" in alma. The module handbook will indicate which exams are mandatory to complete a module, which courses are assessed and which are not and what the requirements are to complete a course successfully.

The special part of the examination regulations focuses on a particular study course whereas the general part contains regulations that a common for all or at least a group of philology subjects within the faculty. As a rule the exam regulations are continually amended by so-called "Änderungssatzungen" and the most current changes are found at the end of the document.

The special part ("Besonderer Teil") of the exam regulations contains amongst others:

  • list of modules, indicating which are mandatory and which are optional
  • information about "Orientierungs- und Zwischenprüfung"
  • information on how the final grade is calculated

The general part ("Allgemeiner Teil") of the exam regulations contains information on:

  • how often an exam can be repeated
  • deadlines for the "Orientierungs- und Zwischenprüfung"
  • B.A. and M.A. exam procedures and requirements

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