Information about the ERASMUS+ Program

Here students interested in studying abroad can find information about the Erasmus-Program.
The ERASMUS Program (since 2014 called “Erasmus+”) offers the organizationally simplest possibility of an exchange with a partner university in Europe outside of Germany. It is financed through EU-funding sources and has the goal to improve the connection between European universities.

Length of the Stay Abroad
Each study abroad can be supported between July 1 and September 30 of the following year. Mobility allowances are given for a period of at least 3 and at most 12 months. Students in their first year (1st and 2nd semester of University) cannot be supported.

Time Period: Two semester stays abroad can also begin in the Summer semester (the two semesters count then as separate ERASMUS-Mobility periods, each lasting at least 3 months, since they count for different school years).

Splitting up the Funding Time Period: The total length of the stay abroad of 12 months per phase of study can also be split up into more countries or locations. Each particular stay abroad must be at least 3 months long.

Length of Study Abroad in comprehensive courses of study: Students in comprehensive courses of study (e.g. Staatsexamen-courses of study) may complete study abroad of up to 24 months in total (each particular mobility for this must be at least 3 months and at most 12 months).

The Philosophy Department currently has partnership with over 60 universities. For the list of partner universities as well as for more information about the Erasmus-Program, click here.

All students can apply who are in the 3rd semester of study by the beginning of the exchange. Masters students can apply from the 1st semester.
The internal department application deadline ends on March 15 for the following schoolyear (Winter semester, whole schoolyear, Summer semester); late applications are only considered if the place at the corresponding university is not yet occupied and the application deadlines at the partner university are not yet passed.
To apply, contact Erasmus Mentor Ana Munte.

Language requirements:
In most cases the course language is the official language of the country. To be able to take courses, it is recommended for everyone to complete a refresher language course. Courses are offered by, among others, the foreign language center and cultural institutes, for instance Institute Culturel (French) or the DAI (English and Spanish).