Masters Degree in Philosophy in Tübingen

With the study of philosophy in Tübingen, you are choosing one of Germany’s richest in tradition and at the same time liveliest departments.

In Philosophy, the views and methods of the tradition are never completely replaced by modern approaches, instead the beginnings of philosophical thought already contain the framework in which over two and a half thousand years with increasingly precise instruments the sciences and the present subdisciplines of philosophy differentiate themselves.  The living exchange of tradition and modernity is a particular characteristic for the University and the Philosophy Department in Tübingen.

The Philosophy Department offers a research-oriented Masters course of study, which makes room for you to have much freedom in choosing your research topics. In Obserseminare and Kolloquien, you fully prepare for participating in current philosophical discussions.

  • Our main focuses in teaching and research are:
  • Ancient and Medieval
  • Kant and German Idealism
  • Analytic Metaphysics and Philosophy of Mind
  • Ethics, Meta-Ethics, Theory of Emotions
  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Logic

Furthermore, the collective course offerings from Professors, Privatdozenten, and Lecturers cover the whole spectrum of classical and modern Philosophy.

The 14-day Forum Philosophicum organizes lectures and discussions with leading international representatives of all areas of philosophy. Regular participation is the best guarantee to get contact with topics besides one’s own specialization, to meet the teachers and fellow students, and to use the discussions as a source of inspiration for one’s own work.

How is the Masters study set up?
In the framework of four topical areas

  • Theoretical Philosophy
  • Practical Philosophy
  • History and Classics of Philosophy
  • Interdisciplinary Questions

you find a broad spectrum of topics, which allows an individual combination of module elements (Lectures, Seminars, and Oberseminars) with a view to one’s self-chosen area of specialization.

The Masters-study consists of four advanced modules and one specialization module for the preparation of the Masters Thesis.
In the advanced modules, you choose one module each Theoretical Philosophy and Practical Philosophy. The two further modules you can choose according to your own interest—most fruitfully when it is in connection with your planned Masters Thesis. (To the Exam regulation)

For the treatment of interdisciplinary themes, the offerings at the Forum Scientiarum can also be used. Furthermore, the Forum Scientarium regularly offers lectures, workshops, and summer schools in different philosophically relevant areas.

Further interdisciplinary work is sponsored through cooperation with the Internationalen Zentrum für Ethik in den Wissenschaften (IZEW).