As the Philosophy Student Association, we seek to represent the views and interests of all Philosophy students. We are a group of Philosophy students, who organize events (such as the Orientation Week), participate in university politics, and advise first year students as well as more advanced students. Anyone who is keen to help organize events, meet people, or simply chat to other students is welcome.

Our Tasks
Our primary task is to represent Philosophy students. We do this by liaising with different groups and entities in the University. On the one hand, we consult with lecturers and professors about issues concerning the structure of the curriculum. Among other things, the Fachschaft can suggest courses and even finance some of them. We also participate in university politics. We regularly send members to the Fachschaftenvollversammlung (FSVV), where different Fachschaften meet to discuss problems in the departments and the University and to vote on policy proposals, financing, and joint statements. 

How to Contact Us
The Fachschaft meets every Wednesday at 6pm. The location varies depending on the issues to be discussed, the weather, and the number of attendees. The Fachschaft has its own room in the Alte Burse, the so-called Caféte on the 2nd floor. If necessary, we meet online. If you want to stay up to date or cannot make it to the meeting, look at our social media channels, where we announce any changes, or just write us an email.



fachschaft.philosophiespam prevention@gmx.de
fachschaftspam prevention@philosophie.uni-tuebingen.de