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Application process

Master’s Course Media Studies

Here you will find information on the application process for the master’s course Media Studies „M.A. Medienwissenschaft“. Please apply via the university’s Online Application Portal:

Online Application Portal

Application Process

Deadline and application process

Courses start with the winter semester.

Application is possible between 1 April and 15 June. Documents handed in after the closing date 15 June cannot be processed.

A selection procedure will take place. Necessary documents will be indicated during the application process. Please upload these documents as pdf files.

After the online application you will download a pdf file. Print, sign and send it to the university in time.

(Corona-Update: Currently the online application is sufficient - no printout has to be sent to the university at the moment!)

What documents do I need to enclose with my application?

Requirements for a correct application are a certified copy of your first degree certificate and confirmation of pre-university qualification. If you do not receive your first degree certificate by the 15th of June, then please ask the examination office of your university or your course tutor to certify your current grade and enclose it with your documents.

If you have obtained your pre-university qualifications in a non-German speaking country, then you must also pass a DSG examination and receive a grade of at least 2–3 (i.e. 75% of the achievable points).

Should you have completed professional or vocational training or if you have already worked in a media-related environment (e.g. internship or as a volunteer), then please include the corresponding reports, as they will be taken into account during the selection process.

Should I have completed an internship before the course?

No, an internship is not required. However, your ranking during the selection precedure will be higher if you have completed a 3-months internship in the field of media.

Where should I send my documents?

Corona-Update: Currently the online application is sufficient - no printout has to be sent to the university at the moment!

Universität Tübingen
Zentrale Verwaltung
Wilhelmstrasse 11
D-72074 Tübingen

Do I also have to choose a minor subject for the M.A. course?

No. Unlike a B.A. course, which does require a minor subject, only the M.A. subject is studied. The intent is to focus on the subject over the four semesters of the course.

Are there any admission restrictions for this course? Is there an “NC”?

There are admissions restrictions for the M.A. course in “Media Studies”. 45 places are allocated every winter semester.

As—unlike other courses—several criteria are considered for the application, no NC limit can be given. Other criteria are e.g. the grade of the first degree, any prior professional training or internships.