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PD Dr Stefan Meier

Stefan Meier, born in 1970, is Professorial Qualified Docent of Media Studies (focus on photography and online media).

Universität Tübingen
Media Studies
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The focuses of Stefan Meier’s research work and key topics include: media semiotics, visual communication research, media theories, internet research, digital and convergence culture, multimodal discourse analysis, methodologies of qualitative media research.

He has written three books to “Online Discourse Analysis”, “Online Communication” and “Visual Media Styles"; see list of publications as a PDF file). He has also published numerous articles in scientific publications to photography theory, online journalism, popular media culture

Curriculum Vitae

Stefan Meier studied German, history and politics in Göttingen and Oldenburg. Before his academic works, he has completed a trainee program in online-journalism and webdesign at the European Center of Media Competence (ecmc). 2002 to 2012, he was lecture for online media and visual communication at the University of Technology Chemnitz, 2013-2014, he represented the professorship of Visual Communication. Stefan Meier received his Ph.D. (2007) for his work on online discourse analysis and 2013 his “Habilitation” for his work on in media studies at the University of Tübingen.

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