The Faculty of Philosophy of The University of Tuebingen evolved from the late medieval Artists Faculty. In the so-called "great Faculty of Philosophy" of the nineteenth century most of the Natural Sciences and Humanities were represented. After the Faculty of Natural Sciences was founded, only the Humanities remained in the Faculty of Philosophy. Today's Faculty of Philosophy contains the Department of Philosophy, and specializes in philosophical studies.

Teaching Staff and Students

The Faculty's teaching staff consists of seven professors and additional teaching personnel. More than 1.200 students are studying in the faculty.

Current Areas of Teaching and Research

The Faculty of Philosophy teaches and conducts research in the classical fields of Philosophy:


The Faculty's facililties are in the Alte Burse, on the banks of the Neckar River.
The Alte Burse was built in 1480, and is near the Tuebinger Stift. The Tuebinger Stift is an institute of the Lutheran Church, devoted to the education of young theologians from Baden-Wuerttemberg, the German state in which Tuebingen is located. Students of the Stift have included Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel, Friedrich Hoelderlin and Friedrich Wilhelm Schelling. The Tuebinger Stift and its heritage have contributed to the Philosophical Faculty's interest in German Idealism.

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