Faculty of Humanities

Toxic Temporalities in the Global South

International Closing Event of the Doctoral Studies Programme "Entangled Temporalities in the Global South"

Digital Conference June 21 – 25, 2021

Interdisciplinary Centre for Global South Studies

in cooperation with:

Seminario de Estudios sobre el Tiempo, CEIICH, UNAM

DAAD PPP / CAPES PROBRAL-Project: Discomforting Territories: Images, Narratives, and Objects of the Global South (UT/UFF)

MWK-Project: Urban subjectivities in Subsaharian Africa (UT, UCAD, UFHB)

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With this international conference, the ICGSS doctoral program “Entangled Temporalities in the Global South” will close its cycle of activities by engaging in an interdisciplinary dialogue within the framework of the humanities and social sciences dedicated to studies of the Global South. We start from the understanding that temporalities in the Global South occur in complex forms of interweaving between temporal politics, practices and imaginaries that have their origins in a multiplicity of contexts: the impact of globalization, the longue durée of coloniality and the persistence of indigenous temporal cultures. In this colloquium, we propose to refocus the debate on those temporal regimes that, given their conflictive and toxic character, threaten to decompose and disarticulate subjectivities and communities. These toxic temporalities reveal their destructive effect on diverse fields of social and cultural practices in the form of authoritarianisms, coloniality, experiences of violence, racism and inequality, as well as ecological degradation and other forms of malaise. We would like to engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue that discusses how these phenomena develop specific forms of temporality that, over time, can lead to a destructive capacity within social systems and thereby undermine self-determined forms of action, thought, emotion and cultural expressivity.

The aim of the conference is therefore to analyse, via the discussion of case studies and including the contribution of southern epistemologies, the temporalization of structures, dispositifs, imaginaries, materialities or cultural practices. In this way, we intend to address the following questions:

  • How does the toxicity of these temporalities manifest itself at the subjective and collective level?
  • How do these toxic temporalities behave in relation to the temporal regimes that constitute social and cultural practices in the Global South?
  • What are the strategies of resilience and resistance through which subjects and communities confront this temporal toxicity?


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