Faculty of Humanities

Masterprofile “Digital Humanities”

Digital Humanities is the profitable combination of established humanities research approaches and working methods of the individual disciplines with methods and tools of modern digital data processing. With the support of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of the State of Baden-Württemberg, the University of Tübingen offers the Master's profile "Digital Humanities" as a specialisation within the Master's programmes in the humanities.

The Master's profile is part of an interdisciplinary offer and can be completed within the framework of the following Master's degree programmes. The special feature of the profile is the close connection between professional IT training and subject-specific application perspective in the context of the participating Master's degree programmes.

This makes it possible to specifically reflect the requirements of humanities subjects in the courses offered. At the same time, interdisciplinary courses create a common knowledge base for all students that can be applied in all subject areas.

For more information on the integration of the Master's profile into the chosen Master's degree programme, please refer to the Official Announcements of 5 October 2017 (ger) or the special section (besonderer Teil (BT)) of the current study and examination regulations of the chosen Master's degree programme.

Structure of the programme

The Master's profile consists of three modules that build on each other and are best studied in semesters. More detailed information on the structure of the Master's profile can be found in the module handbook. You can view the creditable courses in Alma.

The main focus of the profile is on learning digital tools and applications. The following areas are regularly addressed in the courses of the second module:

The profile is completed with a practical project coordinated to the primary subject area in the third module. Optionally, this project can be used as preliminary work for your planned Master's thesis.