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Teacher Education Training for German Gymnasium (secondary school): Bachelor of Education and Master of Education

Since 2015, the study program Teacher Education Training For The German Gymnasium in Baden-Württemberg has been embedded in a Bachelor-Master structure. The program partly consists of Education
Science Studies (ESS). Every student of the ESS is required to com-plete an orientation internship (in a German Gymnasium).

It is possible to take further educational science studies as a third school-related subject.

Aims, contents and structure of the Educational Science Studies (ESS)

The Education Science Studies (ESS) prepare for a scientifically sound and professional activity in school. It is compulsory for all teacher training students and consists of several modules. Some courses that are featured in the ESS are mandatory, others can be chosen individually. Some of these courses are given in English. However, it is NOT possible to complete the entire study program in English. A further aim of the ESS is a systematic preparation and evaluation of the orientation internship and the internship semester.

During the "Bachelor of Education“ part of the teacher training program, the ESS focuses on the preparation and evaluation of the orientation internship. The graduates are given time and space to reflect on their first school experience from the teacher's perspective using scientific findings. The overarching goal of the bachelor's degree is to help students to check their career choice and initiate professorial competences.

The "Master of Education" program features the completion and reprocessing/analysis of the internship semester, which allows students to collect further experiences and acquire profes-sional knowledge. The school practice semester is usually/generally completed in the first winter semester of the master‘s program/degree. Furthermore, graduates are fostering their profession-related knowledge, skills and competences by dealing with the topics of inclusion, diversity and heterogeneity, as well as educational psychology and empirical educational research. Individual strengths, priorities and interests can be followed/pursued by choosing a specialization module. It is also possible to write the master's thesis in the field of the Education Science Studies. The overarching goal of  the master’s program is  to prepare students for a scientifically sound and professional activity in school and teaching.

You will find an overview of the ESS, as well as further information about the study structure, the course of studies and the specific contents, competences and examinations to be acquired, in the two module manuals for the bachelor's program and the master's program. The module manuals for the Education Science Studies (ESS) in the Bachelor of Education as well as in the Master of Education are available for download below.

Module manuals

Modulhandbuch Bachelor of Education Lehramt Gymnasium Bildungswissenschaftliches Studium (BWS)
since winter semester 2015/2016

Modulhandbuch Master of Education Lehramt Gymnasium Bildungswissenschaftliches Studium (BWS)
since winter semester 2018/2019

Contact person

If you have any further questions concerning the ESS please contact

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