Hector Research Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology


Internationality is a vital aspect of the identity of the Hector Research Institute. Being part of different networks of leading international researchers, we collaborate with scientists across the globe, allowing us to participate in cutting-edge research and discussion. We strive to provide our students at all levels with an international focus, including classes taught in English.

International Professors

Prof. Dr. Stuart Kime in a conversation

Prof. Dr. Stuart Kime
(Evidence Based Education, UK)

Prof. Dr. Brent Roberts teaching

Prof. Dr. Brent Roberts
(University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA)

International Graduate School

The Hector Research Institute is a leading member of the international and interdisciplinary LEAD Graduate School & Research Network.

A professor teaches students

International Lectures

International colleagues are regularly invited to give lectures including, for example, during the annual Summer Series on Personality Psychology.

International Teaching

International Teaching

We regularly offer classes taught in English by Associate Professor Stuart Kime and international lecturers (via the Teach@Tübingen program).

A group of scientists abroad

Conferences and Lab Visits

The scientists of the Institute frequently present their research projects at international conferences and complete several weeks of lab visits abroad.