Institute of Political Science


The gaps and problems that we have identified in the literature inform the objectives of our proposed study. These are as follows:


Framing the climate change-conflict nexus: actors and discourses

Objective 1a: To identify the different ways of linking security and climate change.

Objective 1b: To determine which actors, with a specific focus on non-state actors, articulate which linkage between security and climate change in order to alter the political debate.


Reasons for different securitisations

Objective 2a: To establish why actors pursue a particular linkage between security and climate change.

Objective 2b: To assess whether there is a correlation between particular securitisations of climate change and specific policy recommendations.


Consequences for concrete policies

Objective 3a: To see which securitisations are taken up by political actors and find their way into concrete policies.

Objective 3b: To establish why specific securitisations have been taken up by political actors rather than others.


Impact on theoretical framework

O4: To develop a consistent theoretical framework that clarifies the relationship between politicisation and securitisation, and to relate it to the case of the securitisation of climate change.