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Vortrag: Syria's Future: What role remains for Europe?

Dr. Bente Scheller: Wednesday, 20th May 2020, 18:00 – 20:00 c.t.

Nine years after the peaceful protests began, Assad's military victory in Syria seems certain. This comes at a high price: over half the population has fled, hundreds of thousands are dead or have "disappeared". Although war crimes and crimes against humanity have hardly ever been documented more comprehensively in any conflict, they are rarely prosecuted under criminal law. However, prominent cases have recently been opened in Germany against both regime officials and ISIS members. The Geneva process, in which a transition of power was agreed upon, has long been in stalemate. In the formats created by Assad’s allies Russia and Iran (Astana/Sotchi) no mentionable progress has been made either. What role can Europe play here? What are the prospects of refugees returning to Syria? What effect are the imposed European sanctions having? What obligations does the EU have in view of the constantly deteriorating humanitarian situation in large parts of Syria? The research group has invited Dr. Bente Scheller, Head of the Middle East and North Africa department of the Heinrich-Böll Foundation to give a talk on her field of expertise. In the past, she has also been the foundation’s resident representative in Kabul, Afghanistan and Beirut, Lebanon, inter alia. After her presentation, there will also be ample opportunity to engage in discussions on the topic as well as on German political foundations as an employer.

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