Institute of Sports Science


The project BaSAlt deals with physical activity promotion and individual physical counselling in the setting of an old people's homes/assisted living.

The overall goal of this biopsychosocial analysis and counselling project is to develop strategies for physical activity promotion in old people's homes/assisted living and to generate knowledge about beneficial and impeding factors for the implementation of physical activity promotion in this setting. The aim of BaSalt is to ensure that residents remain autonomous for as long as possible without the need for long-term care and that an already existing low degree of need for long-term care does not increase over time.

BaSAlt is a quasi-experimental pre-post comparative study: (1) Setting analysis and consultation on promoting and inhibiting potentials, PA patterns and interactions, PA-related climate and PAy of 'significant others' and (2) PA-related individual analysis and counselling on objective physical activity and sedentary behaviour, geriatric assessment with established test procedures, activity and health biography (biographical mapping) as well as motivation and subjective state of health.

Two different intervention approaches are investigated in six in old people's homes/assisted living with 240 persons. In three institutions, analysis and consultation refer to the organisational and setting level, in three others the organisational level is linked to PA-related individual analysis and counselling. The effects of primary organisational consultation on physical activity promotion are compared with the effects of linking organisational consultation and individual counselling. The implementation of physical activity promotion strategies will be systematically evaluated.

BaSAlt is funded within the framework of the new funding priority of the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) "PA and PA Promotion". A total of ten projects will be funded by the BMG between 2019 and 2022. The projects relate to the different living environments, population subgroups and age groups. The funding priority is based on the National Recommendations for Physical Activity and the Promotion of Physical Activity. For the first time in Germany, these recommendations provide scientifically sound recommendations on the optimal type, duration, and intensity of health-promoting physical activity and physical activity promotion.

Further information will follow soon.