Strategie und Unternehmensführung

Recognition of credits from abroad studies

We recognize credits from your stay abroad for the module „Elective Studies“. Please do not contact us to inquire whether a recognition for "Electives" is possible (because it generally is). Emails with this content will not be answered.

The recognition process is as follows:

  • Send the yellow form to
    Peeraporn Cikos
    University of Tübingen
    Startup Center
    Ob dem Himmelreich 7
    72074 Tübingen
  1. Either via snail mail
  2. Or have it forwarded by another chair/professor
  • Make sure to include the following documents/information
    1. The yellow form
    2. An instruction which courses to recognize by us
    3. Fill in theses courses into the yellow form before sending
    4. Fill in for which area the courses should be recognized (i.e. Electives)
    5. Where to send the form to after recognition
      1. Another chair/professor
      2. Examination office

Be aware that we only sign the yellow form but will not add any other possibly missing information. If you do not follow this process, we will not recognize your credits. Your yellow form will not be forwarded and you will need to come and collect it yourself.

We are afraid that we cannot make any recognitions of credits for other main modules. Those have to be arranged with the responsible professor.