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B463B Business plans for startups

Application started on ILIAS; deadline April 7thLink

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The basics of setting up a Business Plan and launching a startup are the topics of this course. This course is of special interest for students interested in starting up their own business idea or interested in learning in a hands-on approach about the most important ingredients of venturing.

This course brings together prospective founders that provide the business idea with business students that provide consulting to the prospective founders in an interactive course. The professors take the role of facilitators of the process of writing a business plan and preparing and delivering a pitch.

Organizational aspects

This course will be taught in English and German; so all students need to be fluent in German.

Students have to apply to this course by April 7th on the ILIAS Platform with a short CV and transcript of records. The professor will organize the students in groups and match them with one prospective founder per group.

Important: Application already open. Link

This course heavily draws on all student groups engaging in preparations outside the classroom. Students will have to prepare a business plan chapter and a presentation for each session. At the end of the class, each student group will hand in a fully-fledged business plan and pitch the business idea in English and in German.

Students need to be fluent in both German and English,

The courses eligibility is broad; please check with the Campus Website.