Strategie und Unternehmensführung

B463 Strategy & Innovation

Important info: Case study seminar is booked out. Registration only possible for the waiting list (no guarantee that you can take the seminar)

Lecture & case study seminar










08 c.t. - 10 c.t.

12 c.t. - 14 c.t.


Case study seminar

16 c.t. - 18 c.t.


Only with lecture


Over the past years, research at the intersection of innovation and strategy has highlighted that the innovation capability of firms is crucial to firms’ long-term survival. This lecture series looks at firms’ strategies particularly from an innovation viewpoint, including aspects evolving around R&D, corporate entrepreneurship, IP management, IP strategy, industry lifecycles, industry evolution, etc. It also deepens students’ knowledge on the very basics of strategy analysis, development, and implementation.

The course draws on findings from a number of academic disciplines, especially economics, organization theory, sociology, and management policy to build a fundamental understanding of how and why some firms achieve and sustain superior performance, especially regarding innovation as a crucial aspect of firms’ long-term strategy.

In the case study seminar students will use their acquired knowledge for discussing and solving case studies connected to the lecture’s content.

The participation in the practice course is optional and will be credited with an additional 3 ECTS. The practice course will be organized as an MBA case discussion class. It is essential that students read the assigned material and that they prepare the Class Preparation Questions before coming to class. Class participation will be a significant part of the grade for the practice course; additional assignments will be graded.


Sign up per e-mail for the case study seminar: theresa.veer[@t] Registration starts 1st of April. Maximum of 20 student.

For the lecture, you don’t have to register.