Strategie und Unternehmensführung

B465 Specialization in Economic Research - "Hurdles to entrepreneurship" (Graduate program)


Lecturer: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Theresa Veer

Application is now open on ILIAS!

In this course, students will learn how to read and comprehend scholarly articles. The topic will be "Hurdles to entrepreneurship". We will first, learn how to read scholarly articles. Then, students will read articles and present them to the class.

More information are available on alma.


B463B Business Pläne für Startups (Graduate program)


Lecturer: Ilka Weichert

Application is available on ILIAS, deadline is April 8th .

The course's eligibility is broad; please check with  alma. This course is also eligible within the Transdisciplinary Course Program.

The course features online and face-to-face sessions. You will get all necessary information before the first class through ILIAS.

Note that this course is offered in German only. Hence, German is a requirement.

The basics of setting up a Business Plan and launching a startup are the topics of this course. This course is of special interest for students interested in starting up their own business idea or interested in learning in a hands-on approach about the most important ingredients of venturing.

This course brings together prospective founders that provide the business idea with business students that provide consulting to the prospective founders in an interactive course. The professors take the role of facilitators of the process of writing a business plan and preparing and delivering a pitch.