Equipment - Lending

Lending of equipment for science and research

The eScience Center has a wide range of research support services and equipment that you can integrate into your research project by arrangement. This equipment is mostly designed for the field-based sciences and includes drone systems (see equipment information) for high-resolution aerial photography and for processing 3D landscape reconstructions, photographic equipment, total stations and various high-precision GPS systems. The application and further processing of the recorded information can be made possible through accessibility to a workstation with appropriate software support (Agisoft Metashape, 3D-Reshaper, Recap, ArcGIS, but also OpenSource solutions such as Meshlab, VisualSFM, QGIS, SagaGIS and many more).

Overview devices

The following list includes a selection of devices, some of which are provided by the eScience Center together with the Dr. Eberle Centre. In addition, spare parts, batteries, chargers, adapters, memory cards, etc. are available for the devices. If you are missing something or are looking for something specific, please feel free to contact us. 

Digital cameras:

  • Nikon D850
  • Nikon D750
  • Sony Alpha 7 II
  • Nikon D500


  • Objektive
  • External Flash
  • Remote control
  • Photo tent with backgrounds
  • Various Tripods

UAVs (Drones):

  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro (2)
  • DJI Phantom 3 Advanced
  • SenseFly eBee 
  • DJI Inspire 2 


  • Parrot SEQUOIA (Multispectral sensor) 
  • S.O.D.A. (Photogrammetry camera) 

Surveying equipment: 

  • Trimble M3 Totalstation
  • Trimble C5 Totalstation 
  • Leica Viva CS 10 Handheld 
  • Leica Viva GNSS GS10 
  • EMLID RS2 GNSS GPS Survey Kit (2x Emlid Reach RS2)


  • Prisms
  • Telescopic rods
  • Tripods


You will incur small costs for the loan, which depend on the purchase value of the unit and the quantity of units borrowed. These costs are used to maintain functionality, as a service and maintenance fee or for replacement purchases and upgrades as needed. If the equipment is used over a longer period of time and is therefore reserved, higher costs may be incurred for the loan. Please contact us and reserve in advance.


User fees for the equipment of the Core Facility eScience-Center

Unit description and accessories Costs / day  

Trimble M3 Totalstation (Prism, Pole, Tripod)

Trimble C5 Totalstation (Prism, Pole, Tripod) 8,-  
Leica Laserscanner HDSP40 (Tripod) 43,-  
Emlid Reach Pro ( Samsung Active Tab 2 ) 5,-  
Leica GS10 15,-  
Additional accessory 1,-  
DJI Mavic 2 Pro (Hasselblad-camera) 5,-  
DJI Phantom 3 Advanced (Onboard-camerasystem) 3,-  
DJI Inspire 2 (Zenmuse X5S camera 4K video and image capture)1 32,-  
DJI Phantom 4 Multispektral (6-fold camerasystem with RGB, B, G, R, RedEdge, NearInfraRed)1 10,-  
Nikon-Kamerasysteme (D850, D750, D500 -- incl. 1 additional lens) 5,-  
Sony Alpha A7 5,-  
Additional lens 2,-  
iPad (2020) - App control autm. flight missions DJI products 2,-  
Fee for High-Performance Workstations (Pre-installed Licences Agisoft Metashape, ArcGIS 10.x, QGIS, R, Rstudio, Matlab) [Reservation necessary] 10,-  


Additional Services

Service description Costs
Costs for technical briefing, processing, individual training and training courses 60 ,- / h
*  For the initial briefing, 3 hours are generally planned. 150,-
Data services - Set up Nextcloud for field data backup on your end device 30,-
Data services - Storage usage (backup strategy field data - temporary on eScience storage structures) 0.20,- / GB
Data services - Photogrammetry (PreCheck field data) 60 ,- / h
Data services - Field laptop with Nextcloud backup (set-up fee waived). 5,- / Tag


Separate proof of handling these systems is required when borrowing them. This can be acquired through flight safety and routine training at the eScience Centre (instruction and training fees (per h) ) or the use can be carried out by qualified personnel of the eScience center. Prices are based on the technical instruction and training and are available on request.

Lending conditions

Modifications to the item on loan are prohibited. The item, including all components and accessories, remains the property of the lender for the entire duration of the loan. It is prohibited to grant or assign rights to the rental item to third parties. The operating instructions on the device must be observed.

The lender shall hand over the rented item to the borrower in a serviceable condition. The same shall apply to the borrower upon return of the item. Any defects shall be pointed out by both parties. The borrower confirms with his signature that the equipment has been handed over to him in a serviceable condition.

The lender undertakes to use the item on loan only in its normal operational use, observing the operating instructions and exercising the necessary duty of care.

The lender is liable for any damage to or loss of the equipment during the rental period without taking into account the fault of third parties or unforeseeable events. The lender is not liable for any damage caused by the use of the device.

The project files stored or created on the eScience Center devices are regularly deleted, please back up all required information from the borrowed devices before returning them. No guarantee is given for the data.

In the case of the eScience Center's UAS, the conditions for use in the open category must be taken into account and the submission of an EU certificate of competence is required.

Lending procedure

If you are interested in borrowing the equipment, please contact us by email at any time. Please note that, depending on demand, some equipment may already be reserved or borrowed. Therefore, please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested.

The equipment is reserved and prepared for you and can then be collected during office hours or, in exceptional cases, at an agreed time. When you pick up the equipment, we will issue you with the loan contract and the invoice, which must be paid promptly after pick-up.

On request, individual instruction in the use of the equipment can also be provided for a fee. In this case, please contact us in good time.

At the end of the loan period, back up your data, clean the device and return it to our office hours by the return day at the latest.

The devices are then checked by us, serviced if necessary and prepared for the next use.

Areas of application

The versatile devices of the eScience Center are suitable for a variety of research projects in a wide range of disciplines. 
Possible areas of application are:

  • Archaeology
  • Environmental and Earth Sciences
  • Geography
  • Agricultural and forestry sciences
  • Building research
  • Historical Sciences
  • Political Science
  • Musicology

The devices are used, for example, at:

  • Surveying and positioning work
  • Excavation documentation
  • Aerial photography
  • High resolution camera recordings



Office hours: Currently by appointment. 

If you have any questions about the loan service, please contact us at any time: 

Daniel Weissenrieder 
Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
Keplerstr. 2, 72074 Tübingen