Research Data Security

The responsible use of research data requires protection against data loss and misuse. In addition to the individual incorporation of security mechanisms (password protection, etc.), data should be secured on designated central structures of the University (Provided by the ZDV). These services, most of which are free of charge or inexpensive, allow confidential (access-protected) handling of your research data. Your secured and archivable data is stored in georedundant form at access-controlled locations. This includes in particular the services for the team drives, which are suitable for multi-person use within a project. Beyond the location and in cooperation with international colleagues, cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365 are also available and are useful to incorporate collaborators from different organisations.
The standard team drives allow collaborative work and organization of research data independent of the workplace, but with the need for a university user account. They are therefore ideal for use in project structures (e.g. Collaborative Research Centers) with a high proportion of external research work, e.g. international archival activities at the respective locations, fieldwork, etc. The data made available in this way enables collaborative work and joint data documentation beyond the usual working environment and thus increases the subsequent accessibility or understanding of the collected raw data in e.g. the archiving process and helps them to keep an overview as well as saves them time and nerves.
Should further backup activities be necessary, your data can be secured on central storage units (tape drives) in Ulm in agreement with ZDV. These services are executed in the background on the data structure of the team drives. The backups are made regularly. For your data a so-called history is realized via a snapshot, which means that the state of your data is stored at a certain time. When setting up the team drive you can request different service levels from ZDV for the administration of access rights. You can choose between administration by the ZDV and a largely independent, self administration. The scope of services at a glance:


Storage 50GB as standard, can be extended on request
Access ZDV Login-IDs must be enabled for the Windows services.
Support Requests and support via the hotline of ZDV
Backup Snapshots: weekly (up to 18 weeks); recent 6 days on a daily basis.
Restore By the user or supported by the ZDV
Availability Georedundant

Further information is available under Services of the ZDV. If you have any questions, please contact the staff of the eScience Center. We will be happy to provide you with contact to the services of ZDV relevant to you or advice you in installing the services for your project.