S1 Site Investigation and Environmental Analysis

People Involved

Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Christian Zwiener

University of Tübingen, Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Carsten Leven

University of Tübingen, Hydrogeology

Prof. Dr. Peter Dietrich

University of Tübingen, Environmental and Engineering Geophysics & Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ), Department of Monitoring and Exploration Technologies

Field and Laboratory Support

Dr. Martina Werneburg

University of Tübingen, Environmental Analytical Chemistry (until 10/2019)

Marc Jantz

University of Tübingen, Hydrogeology

Sara Cafisso

University of Tübingen, Hydrogeochemistry

Stephanie Nowak

University of Tübingen, Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Objectives and Support Services


A major part of the CAMPOS research projects relies on field investigations, sampling campaigns, and laboratory analyses. The service project Z1 supports therefore all field- and lab-oriented CAMPOS projects by

  • guidance in site investigations and field sampling campaigns
  • analytical measurements of tracers and water chemical parameters
  • non-target screening approaches for a wide range of compounds.

Supporting Services

Methods for site characterization and monitoring
  • Geophysical site investigation
  • Direct push methods for
    o    core drilling and groundwater sampling
    o    borehole logging of electrical conductivity, natural gamma radiation, hydraulic conductivity, soil color
    o    monitoring well installations
  • Sonic drilling for
    o    core drilling and soil sampling
    o    monitoring well installations
  • Hydrogeological testing and monitoring including
    o    regular and event-based groundwater and surface-water sampling
    o    aquifer / well testing (pumping tests, slug tests)
Target analysis and Non-target screening
  • Sampling and sample preparation
  • Organic trace analysis by LC-MS
  • Non-target screening by LC-accurate mass screening




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