The SFB abroad

Throughout the summer semester SFB members were busy sharing their research at local and international conferences

  • Giuliano Armenante (B1), CGG28 (Tarragona), May 2018
  • Vera Hohaus (B1), SULA 10 (Toronto), May 2018
  • Björn Rudzewitz (A4/T1), Kordula de Kuthy (A4/T1), MFG Symposium (Stuttgart), May 2018
  • Britta Stolterfoht (B1/B8), Lynschrift18 (Amherst), May 2018
  • Ramon Ziai (T1), NAACL (New Orleans), May 2018
  • Petra Augurzky (B1), Fabian Schlotterbeck (B1 ass.) und Rolf Ulrich (B1/B7): XPrag.de Workshop: The Pragmatics of Quantifiers: Implicature and Presupposition - Experiment and Theory (ZAS Berlin), June 2018
  • Sara Beck (B9), Ruth Keßler (B9), FLIPR (Nijmegen), June 2018
  • Polina Berezovskaya (C1), Triple A (Konstanz), June 2018
  • Ruth Keßler (B9), TABUDag (Groningen), June 2018
  • Vera Hohaus (B1), Polynesian Syntax (Toronto), June 2018
  • Irene Rapp (A5), Tanaka Workshop (Cape Town), July 2018
  • Ruth Keßler (B9), AHLis (Trondheim), August 2018
  • Petra Augurzky (B1), Sara Beck (B9), Ruth Keßler (B9), Anna Pryslopska (A1), AMLaP (Berlin), September 2018
  • Sara Beck (B9), The mental lexicon (Edmonto), September 2018
  • Stefan Heck (C2), Eugen Kravchenko (C2), Slavicorp (Prag), September 2018
  • Stefan Heck (C2), Eugen Kravchenko (C2), Polyslav XXII (Lodz), September 2018
  • Robin Hörnig (Z2), KogWis (Darmstadt), September 2018
  • Lydia Momma (C7), Désirée Kleineberg (C7 ass.), Xcuola Estiva Alberto Varvaro (Rom), September 2018
  • Oliver Bott (B1 ass.), Berry Claus (B1 ass.), Claudia Maienborn (A1/B7), Feyza Nalbant (B8), Anna Prysłopska (A1), Edith Scheifele (B7), Larissa Specht (B8), Britta Stolterfoht (B1/B8), Linda von Sobbe (B7), Polish Cognitive Linguistics Conference 2018 (Poznan), September 2018: The projects A1, B7, and B8 successfully held their workshop "Modification of Events and States" on Wednesday, 26th of September 2018 at the PCLA conference (Polish Cognitive Linguistics Association) in Poznań. During the course of the workshop, four talks shed light on the distinction between different linguistic structures, like different types of passives, agentive-state constructions, verbal and grammatical aspect, and modification in idioms. Each talk presented cutting-edge research from either a processing or a theoretical-modulating perspective.
  • Björn Rudzewitz, Ramon Ziai (A4/T1), INDUS Networking Meeting (Essen), October 2018
  • Rolf Ulrich (B1/B7), 59th Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society (New Orleans), November 2018