Join the Startup Academy!

Do you have a business idea? Here are the next steps.
By attending the Startup Academy you can benefit from a multitude of hands-on workshops and acquire more in-depth knowledge about your industry. Experts will support you in developing your business models and prepare your startup for the challenges ahead. We follow the "Lean Startup" principle, in which we "build, measure and learn" together through continuous feedback loops. You can choose between three different tracks or attend all of them at once. We offer you:

  • Entrepreneurship Essentials
  • Life Science Series 
  • Social Innovation Series 

Entrepreneurship Essentials

In 11 workshops you will learn all about the most important steps to start your own business from experts with business and industry experience.

Your benefits:

  • Compact inputs about the most important challenges of founding and running a startup
  • Hands-on work on your project supported by experts & coaches
  • Contact to the network and start-up support partners of the University of Tübingen
  • Free use of the coworking space and innovation laboratory of the University of Tübingen


Our Entrepreneurship Essentials cover the following topics:

04.05.22 - Kick-Off and Project Matching (with Startup Center Team)

Choose a project you want to work on (those who registered without a project) or find somenone to support you.
We will present several project ideas from different backgrounds.

11.05.22 - Business Model Canvas (with Prof. Dr. Nils Högsdal & Startup Center Team)

Is my idea scalable? What problem does it solve? Is there a market for my idea? 
The business model canvas helps to visualize the business model and tests whether the idea makes sense in a business perspective. 

18.05.22 - Customer Journey & Customer Interviews (with Senioren der Wirtschaft)

What are the different user groups? What are their customer journeys? Customer - buyer - user: what are the differences? 
How to develop personas? How to customize the product or service according to their needs?

25.05.22 - Market Analysis (with Prof. Dr. Marco Schmäh)

What is my market, how big is my market, who are my competitors? 
How is the market developing?

01.06.22 - Usability & User Experience (with Dr. Andreas Krauß - Startup Center)

How do I design service or products in a way that they can be used efficiently, effectively and satisfactorily?
How can I ensure that the use leads to a good experience? 

15.06.22 - Intellectual Property & Patent Rights (with Dr. Rolf Hecker - Technology Transfer)

How to protect an idea? Why is this even important? What kind of IP is there? 
What are the advantages/ disadvantages of patents? 
Specialities of intellectual property rights in the university environment? 

22.06.22 - Project Management (with VS Consulting)

How to ensure that my project is properly planned and managed, that risks are limited, opportunities are exploited,
and that project goals are achieved in terms of quality, on time, and on budget?  
Get to know different project management methods (e.g. agile, lean). 

29.06.22 - Financing (Pricing & Financial Planning) (with Senioren der Wirtschaft)

Is my product or service marketable at all? What additional costs should I expect? How can I determine the price of my product?
How to develop a financial plan? 

06.07.22 - Legal Aspects (Dr. Detlef Laub)

What are the different types of companies and what are the implications? What rights and obligations arise from this? 
What do I have to consider when hiring staff? What about data protection? 

13.07.22 - How to Pitch (with Eike Gerhardt)

How do you convince potential investors or partners of your idea in a short and concise way? 
What does a pitch deck look like for potential financiers?  

20.07.22 - Marketing Strategies (tba.) 

How can I build a brand? How should I communicate as a startup?
A practical example is used to show which marketing strategies and measures are available to establish a brand and what measures to take.

27.07.22 - Human Resources und Team Dynamics (with Tripl3Leader)

What are my strengths and weaknesses? How do I recognize the strengths and weaknesses of others? 
How can I use this effectively to build a good team?  

Dates & Content 2022

  • 04.05.2022 until 27.07.2022
  • Every Wednesday from 3-6pm.
  • Individuals and teams can apply until 15.04.2022
  • Location: Depending on the pandemic siutation, we hope and plan to have the sessions at the Startup Center (at ob dem Himmelreich), but if needed would switch to online sessions.

Who can participate?
The academy is open to all students, employees and researchers from all faculties. All you need is an idea and motivation to learn (If you have no project yet, you can choose one from an idea pool or join an existing team). The courses will be held in English and are free of charge. Places are limited, so apply soon!

What is the objective?
We know the challenges you are facing and are happy to help you in mastering them. By attending our program, you can shorten your time-to-market, save money and increase the chance that your start-up will be a success. You will come out with a validated business model, knowing the which steps to take next.

Application is closed. 
Register for our newsletter to stay up to date about the upcoming batch.

If you have any questions write us to gruendenspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de 

Life Science Series

Compared to other industries the survival of Life Science Startups is particularly challenging due to long time periods and the capital requirement until market maturity. This program concentrates on the life science-specific topics and conveys specific knowledge for single elements of a business model in the Life Sciences. Basic entrepreneurship content has a subordinate role, whereas this program seeks to help you with the most important issues of founding a Life Science startup by focused input and individual coaching.



Program structure

  • Regulatory Affairs and Certification + Individual coaching
  • Clinical Trials + Individual coaching
  • Market Access, Pricing Strategies & Reimbursement + Individual coaching


  • You will get to know the first steps for getting on track with your Life Science Startup 
  • Input by experienced experts on the first day and coaching with individual assistance on the second day of each block
  • You can either join all the blocks or attend them individually

Dates & Format

  • Three 2-day blocks (each Thursday and Friday)
  • Regulatory Affairs and Certification 
  • Clinical Trials
  • Market Access, Pricing Strategies & Reimbursement
  • Time: 09:00 - 18:00 h
  • Individuals and teams can apply soon
  • Format: we plan to conduct in presence at the Startup Center, if necessary we might switch to online.

Who can apply?

All scientists, students, professionals, founding teams and innovators, who want to translate their innovative ideas into health solutions.
You might be from the following or similar domains:

  • Medicine (devices, therapeutics, digital health, diagnostics etc.)
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmacology
  • Neuroscience

The working language is English and the program is free of charge. Individuals and teams can apply.

What is the objective?

The participants learn about the most important life science specific start up topics and get ready for the next steps. We prepare you to apply for possible fundings and further more advanced programs.

Social Innovation Series

The Social Innovation Series will consist of several workshops and seminars in the area of social entrepreneurship and leadership training.

Dates and Format

  • SEA:start - Social Entrepreneurship Akademie on 28./29.04.2022 (powered by SEA München)
  • Responsible Leadership: True Leadership Capacity Model on 07.07.22 (powered by Tripl3Leader)
  • Social Innovation Camp - date to be announced (powered by World Citizen School)
  • Format: meetings in persona or online attendance 

Who can participate?
Students, phds, researchers and staff of the university.
If you have an idea, started a project or founded a social enterprise and you want to train your social entrepreneurial skills, then the camp is the right place for you. But even without an existing project idea you are welcome to develop it during the workshops or join an existing team.

What is the goal?

We can help you to develop your own brilliant idea! During the workshops you’ll be trained by experienced lecturers, getting to know successful social entrepreneurs and networking with people who –  like you – actively want to make a difference. 

Register here:

SEA:start - Social Entrepreneurship Akademie on 28./29.04.2022 (powered by SEA München)

Responsible Leadership: True Leadership Capacity Model on 07.07.22 (powered by Tripl3Leader)

Social Innovation Camp - date to be announced (powered by World Citizen School)