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English Literatures and Cultures - Master

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4 semester

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English only

This area of study delves into the rich tradition of English literature in Great Britain, as well as the newer literatures that have emerged in English across the globe. Of particular interest is the role literature has played across a range of cultural contexts throughout history, both in terms of its functions and achievements.

Literature is therefore viewed as an integral part of the culture of the modern era, in the widest sense of the phrase – encompassing cultural developments from the Middle Ages to the ‘postmodern’ era. More recent developments in the field, built on the concept of ‘literary studies as a form of media studies and cultural studies‘, form the basis for exploring the relationship between literary texts and other types of text and media, thus creating a productive link between literary and cultural studies. The ability to critically analyze and reflect on texts of any kind constitutes the core principle underlying teaching and learning in this area.

Dieser Masterstudiengang ist formal zulassungsfrei. Es ist jedoch eine fristgerechte Bewerbung über das Online-Bewerbungsportal der Universität Tübingen notwendig, auf deren Grundlage die Studiengangskoordinatoren prüfen, ob die Zulassungsvoraussetzungen (siehe unten) erfüllt sind.

Sehr gute Kenntnisse der englischen Sprache in Wort und Schrift.

A Master‘s degree in English Studies will prepare students for jobs predominantly (but not exclusively) in the areas of public relations, adult education, intercultural communication, and in similar career fields where a strong background in communicative and intercultural skills, in addition to excellent foreign language skills, plays a crucial role.

Die Prüfungsverwaltung erfolgt durch das Zentrale Prüfungsamt der Universität Tübingen

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