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English Linguistics - Master

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4 semester

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English only

The M. A. program English Linguistics provides a full understanding of current linguistics and a thorough training in the empirical methods used in linguistic research. The combination of empirical research with theoretical modeling is an internationally renowned hallmark of linguistics in Tübingen.

There is a long tradition of Linguistics in Tübingen, but there are more linguists now working on a wider variety of aspects of linguistics than ever before. In part, this is due to the  exceptional success of Tübingen linguists in attracting research funding over the last 20 years. The course structure of the M. A. program English Linguistics reflects this depth and interdisciplinarity. While there is an emphasis on the description and processing of the English language, perspectives are always enriched by crosslinguistic comparison and interdisciplinary approaches ranging from experimentation to literary studies. For this reason, students can combine courses offered in English Linguistics with selected M. A. courses offered by the other Linguistics departments.

An important aspect of the M. A. program is the degree of choicein independent study. From the very beginning, students are encouraged to design and conduct their own research projects.

Supervised by staff, they can contribute to the ongoing research of the Institute of English Languages and Literatures, and joint publications with staff are often the result. The academic and empirical skills thus acquired provide students with excellent qualifications for further study in Linguistics at doctoral level.

In recent international and national ratings, Linguistics in Tübingen fared very well. For example, in the QS World University Ranking, Linguistics is in the worlds’ top 100.

Dieser Masterstudiengang ist formal zulassungsfrei. Es ist jedoch eine fristgerechte Bewerbung über das Online-Bewerbungsportal der Universität Tübingen notwendig, auf deren Grundlage die Studiengangskoordinatoren prüfen, ob die Zulassungsvoraussetzungen (siehe unten) erfüllt sind.

Sehr gute Kenntnisse der englischen Sprache in Wort und Schrift.

Die Prüfungsverwaltung erfolgt durch das Zentrale Prüfungsamt der Universität Tübingen

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