Ordering a JobTicket BW

You can download the order form for the JobTicket BW for the naldo region, and the application form for the state subsidy of 25 EUR/ month from the LBV website.

You can apply if you have an employment contract with the state of Baden-Württemberg and are paid via the LBV in Fellbach – even if you work part-time! There is a special rule for state employees administered by the Tübingen University Hospitals (UKT). If you are not sure whether you are entitled to apply, check in the guidelines: Merkblatt Zuschussberechtigte 

Ordering procedure

  1. Download the order and subsidy form for the naldo transport network from the LBV website
  2. Fill in the forms.
  3. Get a stamp on the subsidy form from the secretariat where you work to show that you work for the University as an employee of the state.
  4. Send your filled-out forms directly to the naldo-AboCenter.
  5. The naldo-AboCenter will send you the JobTicket BW by post (three mailings annually, each containing 4 monthly tickets) and will debit the amount from the bank account specified by you.
  6. The naldo-AboCenter transfers the subsidy form to the LBV, which transfers the subsidy to you along with your monthly salary (listed as “Fahrtkostenzuschuss" on the pay slip issued by the LBV).

Special case: Applying for a JobTicket BW for more than one network.

...don't forget:

If you already have a yearly naldo subscription, you may cancel it without any disadvantage by ordering a JobTicket BW: naldo won't ask for an additional payment, even if you have had the subscription for less than 12 months. If in doubt, please address to naldo-AboCenter.