Special rule for state employees administered by the UKT

For state employees administered by the University Hospitals, there is a different procedure for ordering a JobTicket BW:

The UKT has special order and subsidy forms on its website just for these people. The Hospitals’ personnel department puts its stamp on the completed subsidy form to show that the applicant is employed by the state. The naldo-AboCenter in turn confirms on the subsidy form that the employee is to receive a JobTicket BW and sends the form back to the UKT. There, the monthly subsidy of 25 EUR is transferred to the applicant. Points 2., 4. and 5. of the ordering procedure are the same as for everybody else.

You may also use the LBV forms, in which case it must be noted on the subsidy form that naldo must forward it to the UKT (and not to the LBV!).