David Friesem

Tübingen "A perfect place to do research and get inspired."

Dr. Friesem is analyzing archaeological finds under the microscope in order to identify microscopic evidence for anthropogenic and natural proecesses that took place in the cave.

Dr. David Friesem

University of Cambridge, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
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In Tübingen


"Teach@Tübingen Fellow" in 2014


"Tübingen Reloaded Fellow" in March 2018

Host Professor

Prof. Dr. Christopher E. Miller

and Institute

Institute for Archaeological Sciences

Interview with Dr. David Friesem

Dr. Friesem, you recently returned to Tübingen within our program "Tübingen Reloaded" for Research Alumni. We would like to find out more about your motivation to return, about your short-period stay, and your lasting ties in Tübingen. Let us briefly ask you the following...

What is your main research field and its importance in a broader context?

"Archaeological Sciences
Understanding the human past with specific focus on human evolution and prehistoric periods"

Why did you get interested and involved in a research stay in Tübingen?

"The researchers are leading experts in my field and the facilities at Tübingen are of the best in the world."


What was your most rewarding experience during your stay here?

"The privilege to have significant time to work on my research face to face with my colleagues in Tübingen." 

"I’m looking forward for more opportunities to come back to Tübingen."

Which tangible outcomes of your stay are most important? What is planned for the future?

"We are now preparing a scientific article for publication which was the main goal for my stay. In addition, during the stay from my interaction with colleagues two new research projects were conceptualize and we are now preparing two grant applications. These projects will allow me to continue working closely with Tübingen."

If someone asked you about your impressions of Tübingen, what would you reply?

"The University is definitely within the top research centers in the world and the town itself is beautiful. A perfect place to do research and get inspired."

Is there something you think German academia could learn from academia in the UK or vice-versa?

"I think both places can benefit from such program that encourages more collaboration and formation of research networks that can enhance international research."

Do you have any further comments?

"I would just like to thank TRACe and especially the Tübingen Reloaded program to allow me to strength my ties with Tübingen and progress with my research. I’m looking forward for more opportunities to come back to Tübingen."

Thank you for the interview!