About us

The Foreign Language Center (FSZ) at the University of Tübingen was established in 2001. Its task is to organize and teach language courses from beginner to advanced level:

Since it was founded in 2001, the FSZ has expanded its course program continuously. The FSZ currently offers around 250 courses in twelve languages per year for students and employees of the University of Tübingen. Each semester, around 1,700 students attend the courses at the FSZ.

Current FSZ information flyer (German) (pdf)
Current FSZ information flyer (English) (pdf)

Our courses

The Foreign Language Center offers language courses in 12 languages as in-sessional courses during the semester as well as intensive courses lasting up to 3 weeks in lecture-free time. As our courses are offered based on demand, the range of courses can vary slightly in the individual languages.

For students at the University of Tübingen, our language courses are offered free of charge. In principle, all courses are also available to academic and administrative staff, but students will be given priority.

Course structures

Almost all of our language courses are accredited according to the UNIcert® certification system, ensuring that high standards of language training and certification are maintained throughout the program. The UNIcert® concept includes proven placement tests as well as standardized teaching levels and examination procedures. These measures provide the FSZ with a consistent instrument for assuring quality throughout our language training program.

Course participants can obtain UNIcert® certificates after completing courses or passing the UNIcert® examination for their language level. UNIcert® certificates are multilingual and clearly indicate language skills with a description of the language level attained, facilitating mobility and enhancing the recognition of achievements. These certificates are recognized throughout Germany and increasingly in other countries.

Development strategy

The Foreign Language Center (FSZ) is committed to expanding its courses and services in a number of ways: Firstly, we will continue to develop the range of languages and specialist language courses in our program. Further, we are continuing to equip the media library with print, audio, video and computer-aided language learning materials for autonomous or semi-autonomous language acquisition, as well as self-access language learning.

The FSZ strives for the continuous improvement of foreign language training, maintains numerous partnerships with universities in Germany and abroad, and is a member of several prominent organizations and associations.

Projects and cooperation agreements

The English and Spanish course program of the Foreign Language Center of the University of Tübingen is funded by the Banco Santander Universities

EXPLICS - Exploiting Internet Case Studies and Simulation Templates for Language Learning and Teaching
HERMES - Language Teaching at Universities and Colleges of Agricultural and Related Sciences
LCaS (Language Case Studies) - Developing teacher training modules for the use of case studies in language teaching at secondary and university level
Leonardo da Vinci (TALC) - Transparency in the Acquisition of Language Competences (academic and professional spheres)
WebCase - Determination of Good Practice in the Design, Delivery and Support of Web-based ODL Case Studies
SprachService DaF


The FSZ strives for the continuous improvement of foreign language training, maintains numerous partnerships with universities in Germany and abroad and is a member of the following organizations and associations: