UNIcert® and country-specific examinations are offered at the Foreign Language Center (FSZ). Further information can be found on this page and on the UNIcert® page.

UNIcert® examinations

All important information on UNIcert® examinations can be found on the UNIcert® examinations page.

Country-specific language examinations

In addition to the UNIcert® examinations (leading to the UNIcert® certificate which is specific to universities), it is advantageous to take country-specific examinations which confirm language proficiency levels, for example in preparation for a semester abroad or internship. These do not replace the UNIcert® examinations but are intended as an addition to the UNIcert® program.


TOEFL iBT® (Test of English as a Foreign Language, internet-based)

We are not offering TOEFL iBT® examinations in 2020.

There are, however, other test centers in Germany. All current dates, including for other test centers in Tübingen (e.g. the Center for Data Processing (ZDV) or the DAI) are listed under www.ets.org/toefl.

Please note that current appointments and available places are only shown after you have registered with ETS.

For legal reasons, it is difficult for test centers to offer preparatory courses.

Studying abroad provides general information on language certificates for exchange programs with the USA and Canada.

DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst)

Currently, we can only provide DAAD certificates for students who have recently completed our English courses. These applicants can contact the English teaching team directly.

Other applicants should contact the Department of English or the DAI (subject to a fee).

Unfortunately, we do not offer IELTS tests.
For more information about IELTS, please contact the British Council.


DFA (Diplôme de Français des Affaires)

The Foreign Language Center (FSZ) of the University of Tübingen has been an examination center for the Chambre de Commerce et d 'Industrie de Paris (CCIP) since 2001 and holds examinations for the Diplôme de français des affaires 1er degré (DFA 1) and the Diplôme de français des affaires 2ème degré (DFA 2) once a year. These examinations in the field of French for economics are usually held in June/July.

The CCIP examinations do not compete with UNIcert® examinations but are a useful addition: UNIcert® certificates confirm a language proficiency level within the language-independent UNIcert® framework concept, which can be recognized internationally at universities due to its equivalence with the CEFR language proficiency levels. In contrast, CCIP certificates are specialized in the field of French for economics and are therefore particularly advantageous for applications in France or for French companies.

We recommend the following for students attending courses in French for economics:

  • Take DFA 1 examinations after completing the intensive course Français des affaires I-III in the spring or during the course Français des affaires III in the summer semester (i.e. towards the end of the UNIcert® III course in French for economics) and
  • Take DFA 2 examinations after completing (or toward the end) of the UNIcert® IV course in French for economics.

This additional qualification from the CCIP offers you an independent and professional certificate of your knowledge of French in the field of economics and is particularly suitable if you are planning to work in France or a French-speaking country.

You can register for the examination up to 4 weeks before the examination date via the registration form. The registration form and further information on the CCIP examinations can be found directly on the CCIP website.

DELF (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française) / DALF (Diplôme Approfondi en Langue Française)

DELF (Diplôme d 'Etudes en Langue Française, CEFR level A1-B2 or Unicert level I-II) and DALF (Diplôme Approfondi en Langue Française, CEFR level C1-C2 or Unicert level III-IV) are diplomas for French as a Foreign Language that are officially recognized by the French Ministry of Education in French-speaking countries worldwide.

The DALF qualifies foreign students for entry to French universities. The examinations are conducted three times a year (February, April and June) at the Institut Culturel Franco-Allemand (ICFA) Tübingen.

Who can register for DELF/DALF examinations?

All persons who are not French citizens who wish to have their French language proficiency assessed. For more information (on times, conditions and fees) visit the ICFA website or contact kurse@icfa-tuebingen.de


JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

Japanese courses at the Foreign Language Center (FSZ) and the JLPT

General language Japanese courses at the Foreign Language Center impart basic knowledge of Japanese, introduce language learners to writing (Hiragana, Katakana and 317 Kanji) and present cultural aspects. The Japanese program at the FSZ comprises five courses (each worth 4 SWS). These include preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (level N3/N4) and are scheduled to allow candidates to complete the last course (Japanese V) completed in December just before the examination. The UNIcert® system was introduced to the Japanese course in 2015 as part of the re-accreditation program.

An overview of the semester schedule for Japanese courses at the FSZ is provided below:

Semester 1 (winter semester)

Japanese I

(4 SWS)

Semester 2 (summer semester)

Japanese II

(4 SWS)

Semester 3 (winter semester)

Japanese III

(4 SWS)

Semester 4 (summer semester,

Japanisch IV (4 SWS)

Semester 5 (summer/fall,
intensive course)

Japanisch V (4 SWS)