Japanese / 日本語

Online registration/Course program

For information on the registration procedure and registration dates, please refer to the Registration and course information page.

Course structure

General language Japanese courses at the Foreign Language Center (FSZ) impart basic knowledge of Japanese, introduce language learners to writing (Hiragana, Katakana and 317 Kanji) and present cultural aspects. The Japanese program at the FSZ comprises five courses (each worth 4 SWS). These include preparation for Japanese Language Proficiency Test (Level N3/N4) and are scheduled to allow candidates to complete the last course (Japanese V) in December just before the examination. The UNIcert® system was introduced to the Japanese course in 2015 as part of the re-accreditation program.


Record of performance / language examinations

After taking an intensive Japanese V course, participants may take the JLPT (Level N3/N4) examination in December. Please refer to the official Japanese Language Proficiency Test website. You can find the registration information on the Japanese Cultural Institute website.


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