The UNIcert® system

UNIcert® foreign language certificate

UNIcert® is a quality seal for the training, examination and certification of foreign languages for future graduates. It establishes a system of training, accreditation and certification specifically for foreign language training at universities, representing a major network throughout Europe. In the UNIcert® system, foreign language skills are certified at the five UNIcert® levels (UNIcert® basis, UNIcert® I-IV).

Further information about the UNIcert-System can be found on the UNIcert® website.

What are the benefits of the UNIcert® certification? (pdf)

UNIcert® at the Foreign Language Center

The Foreign Language Center (FSZ) at the University of Tübingen was first accredited according to UNIcert® in 2001. Since then, the number of accredited courses has been continuously expanded and UNIcert® training is now offered in eight of the twelve languages at the FSZ.

What are the objectives of our UNIcert® training?

UNIcert® graduates...