DSH Exam – Proficiency in the German Language Examination

Tübingen DSH Examination and Preparatory Course

International students seeking entrance to Tübingen University must first submit proof of their German language proficiency. This should be sent to the university with their admission application. Proficiency can be certified through:

The German as a Foreign Language Section of the International Office at Tübingen University holds DSH Examinations twice a year. The examinations take place 5/6 weeks before the admission deadline for the winter and summer terms.

A three week intensive preparatory course is run prior to the DSH Examination. In this course, each section of the DSH Examination is prepared in detail. Proficiency is tested by means of several trial run examinations. Candidates receive detailed feedback on their individual exam results.

The preparatory course is not obligatory for taking the DSH Examination.

To complete the DSH examination successfully, a high level of German language proficiency is required  (at least B2-C1 European reference framework). Only students who can present proof of the required level of proficiency will be admitted to the preparatory course and the examination.

DSH Examination Dates Winterterm 2022 – Examination and Preparatory Course

  • Preparatory Course: Friady, 28.10. - Tuesday, 22.11. 2022, 9-12.30h
  • Written Examination: Friday, 25.11. 2022
  • Oral Examination: Friday, 2.12. 2022

Further information and application forms (in German):

  1. Informationsblatt zur Anmeldung für die Prüfung und den Vorbereitungskurs
  2. Anmeldeformular Prüfung
  3. Anmeldeformular Vorbereitungskurs

Information on the Examination, Course and Application Process:

DSH Office:

Wilhelmstr. 22
72074 Tübingen
E-Mail: dshspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

DSH Head Office
Section Head: Ursula Kimpel
International Affairs
German as a Foreign Language and Intercultural Programme