Dr. Petar Millin and Professor Monique Scheer.


"Tübingen changed my life and fueled my research career"

The newly appointed Ambassador Dr. Petar Milin is highly committed and opens two important...

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“Whenever possible, I make the Tübingen pitch”: Two new University of Tübingen Ambassadors make Tübingen’s future look bright

This is what alumni networks do: bring different minds from everywhere in the world together. The...

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Report: Alumni meet in San Francisco

On August 25, University of Tuebingen hosted its first “Alumni Meeting” in San Francisco.

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Professor Francesco Chiabotti, new University of Tübingen Ambassador to France, and Professor Monique Scheer, Vice-President for International Affairs


“Serving as a bridge-builder between French and German academia”: Aspirations of a new ambassador

The Tübingen Center of Islamic Theology successfully nominated its distinguished research alumnus...

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Two new Ambassadors for the University of Tübingen

Two outstanding researchers in the fields of Plant Ecology and Geosciences have been appointed as...

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