International and European Studies

International & European Studies (IES) offers students from all over the world a chance to study Europe and the European Union at the University of Tübingen, one of Germany’s universities in the “Excellent” class. In short-term programs throughout the year students learn about and discuss diverse topics on Europe and the European Union, share their knowledge and experiences, and have the opportunity to get to know the University of Tübingen as an excellent place for study and research.

Due to the Corona pandemic the IES Winter and Summer Schools 2021 will be offered online. Become part of our international virtual community!

ONLINE Summer School I: "European Union Politics and Human Rights" from June 7 - July 2, 2021

Further information can be found here: Online Summer School I

ONLINE Summer School II: "Divided in Diversity - The European Union in Crisis" from July 12 - August 20, 2021

Further information can be found here: Online Summer School II

ONLINE Winter School: "The European Union in Crisis? Politics and Economics in Europe Today" from January 3 - 29, 2022

Further information will follow soon (at latest in early August).

 Please note: The IES programs are not subject to the amendments to tuition fees for non-EU students in Baden-Württemberg! For more information on our fees please see the sections of the respective program.