Tübingen International and European Studies

Come study in Tübingen and build stronger TIES!

With its traditional, yet very dynamic setting, the T-IES short-term programs at the University of Tübingen give you the unique opportunity to experience Europe up close! Here in Tübingen, we take sustainability, community, integration and - in general - working together locally on solutions for global challenges seriously. Always united, always in diversity, always Tü.

Doshisha University


Winter School


Südafrika Program

Details with the DaF department


Summer School I


Summer School II


Summer School III

Buddy Program

Alumni Voices

The T-IES Team

 Please note: The T-IES programs are not subject to the amendments to tuition fees for non-EU students in Baden-Württemberg! For more information on our fees please see the sections of the respective program.

Tübingen International & European Studies


Franziska Krauße-Wang
Keplerstr. 2, Room 303
D-72074 Tübingen

 + 49 (0) 7071 29 72509  

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