Academic courses

Depending on the program you are either taking a variety of online introductory courses (Online Fall School, Online Winter School, Online Summer School) or in-depth courses and exchange programs such as our tailor-made schools (NUS/Doshisha/TUFTS) or the IES Summer School on Europe and the EU. Each program follows an interdisciplinary approach. Thus, class sessions cover diverse areas such as EU politics, history, law, international business and culture.

Our programs serve as an opportunity for international students interested in further studies at the University of Tübingen at the M.A. or even PhD level. 

Seminars are taught in English by Tübingen University faculty and experts dedicated to the study of Europe. In a number of programs, courses are offered by visiting faculty from our partner universities. Furthermore, for instance, beyond class sessions you meet with European politicians and representatives of civil society, debate on current European affairs, go on exciting and insightful study trips, and attend guest lectures by invited experts from the different fields. Classes are small and individual mentoring is guaranteed at all times.

Exemplary courses are:

  • The Political System of the EU and its Politics
  • European Legal Traditions
  • Regional Economic Integration in Europe
  • Human Rights, Minority Rights, and Interculturality in Europe

IES Seminars reflect the core elements of the European values which constitue the foundations of Europe and the European Union: peace, the separation of powers, the rule of law, freedom and democracy.

The courses offered can vary from program to program. Please see the respective program page to get more information on each course.