Study trips and Company visits

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The IES programs offer the great opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in the courses during various study trips. You will visit the center of the European decision making process – the European Parliament in Strasbourg – and the national parliament of Germany in Berlin – the Bundestag. And you get to meet with European politicians and decision makers of European organisations.


Visit the only supranational and democratically elected parliament of the world: The European Parliament. Stroll through the old picturesque city center with its breathtaking cathedral, and enjoy the delicious Alsatian, thus French, cuisine.


Enjoy one of Europe’s most vibrant metropolises buzzing with life, culture and arts, discuss current issues with a member of the German parliament at the Bundestag, visit museums and galleries, and get the opportunity to experience history in Germany’s capital.


Experience one of Europe’s most innovative and economically successful cities/regions, visit the "Europa Zentrum", the impressive Mercedes Benz Museum, its cars and architecture, and don’t let the opportunity slide to try more of the outstanding Swabian food.


Explore one of Germany's biggest metropolises (and the self-proclaimed "smallest metropolis in the world")! Frankfurt ist not only Germany's most international city, but also the major (and largest) financial centre of the European continent. Visit the headquarters of the European Central Bank, German Federal Bank, or the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, relax on the beautiful banks of the river Main, enjoy spectacular views of Germany's only real skyline, or enjoy one of the world-famous museums.


From the residence of the Grad Dukes of Baden to the centre of one of Germany's most important technology regions, Karlsruhe is the second-largest city of the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg (after its capital of Stuttgart) and Germany's "law city" if you will. Learn more about German law and the "Grundgesetz" (Germany's Basic Law) at the Federal Constitutional Court and the Federal Court of Justice and visit the astonishing Karlsruhe palace which was built over 300 years ago.

Company Visits

Visit influential and famous German companies (like Mercedes, Porsche, Ritter Sport, Pustefix) in the economically strong region of Baden-Württemberg and learn more about doing business in Europe from a more practice-oriented perspective.

Please note: The excursions can vary from program to program.

For further information on the excursions in "your" program, please have a look at the respective schedule!