Costs and funding your studies in Tübingen

Tuition and fees

All students have to pay the non waiveable semester fee (“Semesterbeitrag”). It includes:

Fees for internatonal students

You can find further information on tuition fees for international students at the Student Administration (“Studierendensekretariat”).

Cost of living

The average necessary allowance of a university student at the University of Tübingen per month:

Food165 Euro
Clothing, shoes52 Euro
Books and supplies30 Euro
Transportation82 Euro
Other (telephone, health insurance etc.)99 Euro
Rent298 Euro
Cultural activities, sports etc.68 Euro
Total expenses
794 Euro

Source: 20. Sozialerhebung des Deutschen Studentenwerks (DSW) 2012, ed. 2014.

Funding your studies

Work and study

Basic information on “Working while studying” at the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

If you plan to work during your studies, please note:

Scholarships and student loans

The University of Tübingen does not grant any scholarships. Financial help can sometimes be given in exceptional emergency situations and for a short time only. There is no financial assistance to begin your studies.


Student loans

Basic information on “Student loans” at the Deutsches Studentenwerk (in German only).