Enrollment during COVID-19 pandemic

  1. You have received a letter of admission.
  2. Please log into your account on ALMA and oficially accept the admission.
  3. Should you have applied via a different application portal, please create an account in ALMA using the code that you have been provided with in your admission letter. 
  4. Fill in the immatriculation form, print it out and sign it.
  5. Students of Bachelor and Staatsexamen study courses have to e-mail this immatriculation form plus a number of documents listed in their letters of admission to the Studierendensekretariat. You can also hand in these documents in person (see No.7)
  6. Students of Master study courses have to e-mail a pdf of this immatriculation form to the StudierendensekretariatBeware: You must enroll during the enrollment period indicated in your letter of admission!
  7. Students of Master study courses and also all Non-EU students who have been admitted to study Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry please contact the Section 4 - Advising and Admission of International Students to arrange for a personal appointment at the offices in the Nauklerstraße 2. There you will have to present all original documents that are listed in your letter of admission. As soon as these have been approved of, the Studierendensekretariat will finalize your admission.


After Enrollment

After having completed the enrollment process, the Student Administration Office will send you a number of important documents:

Please note: for technical reasons, you will receive these documents in different letters, sometimes on different days.

Do also check your ALMA account: You will find two kinds of immatriculation certificates/enrollment slips there, one being marked with a "Naldo"-Symbol which you will need exclusively to buy a semester ticket. ALMA offers a complete course catalogue and you can register for seminars and lectures there. You can also arrange for paying the administrative semester fee and/or any tution fees via ALMA. The Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV) provides more detailled information and beginners' courses on how to work with ALMA.