Information for incoming students with regard to the corona virus / COVID-19 (Updated on 14 September 2020)

For general information and recommendation on COVID-19 and its effects on the University, see our webpages on the corona virus.

Please note: These FAQ are an advisory, but not a binding legal advice. Only official government institutions publish legal corona rules (“Verordnungen”). Links to the relevant institutions are provided in the FAQ. Please note that you are obligated to keep yourself informed.

FAQs for incoming students

Is the winter semester 2020/21 going to take place as scheduled?

The University of Tübingen is planning a blended-learning format with a mix of online and face-to-face courses, in accordance with measures and guidelines of social distancing.

Fresher’s week and introductory events will start on 19 October. Regular courses, lectures and seminars will start two weeks later on 2 November.

Due to the Corona pandemic exchange programs with universities in Africa, North America and Latin America will be suspended in winter semester 2020/21.

Lecture dates in winter semester 2020/2021

Pre-courses: from 12 October to 21 October

Detailed Information about pre-courses will be published in the end of September here: uni-tuebingen.de/en/study/organizing-your-studies/orientation/vorkurse-propaedeutika-und-sprachkenntnisse/

Orientation week and introductory events: from 19 October to 31 October

Start of lecture period: Monday, 2 November 2020

End of lecture period: Saturday, 27 February 2021

Lecture-free days: from 24 December 2020 to Wednesday 6 January 2021 (Christmas break)

Re-enrollment period: from 1 June 2020 to 15 August 2020 (for students in higher semesters)

Should I travel to Tübingen at this point or stay home? What do I have to take into account when entering Germany? Are there entry restrictions and/or quarantine regulations?

Currently, there are still restrictions on travel within and outside Europe. There are also travel restrictions within Germany, which can only be lifted if the situation continues to develop positively. Up-to-date information on travel restrictions and quarantine regulations can be found on the website on the Federal Ministry of the Interior: https://www.bmi.bund.de/SharedDocs/faqs/EN/topics/civil-protection/coronavirus/coronavirus-faqs.html

Entry regulations depend on the country from which you are entering Germany. Some countries and regions are classified as Covid-19 risk areas. The list of these countries can change daily. Please inform yourself shortly before your entry here:

https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Risikogebiete_neu.html (English archive, current date)

People who had been in a risk area within 14 days before entering Germany can be obliged to stay in quarantine for 14 days after their arrival. 

Information in other languages: https://www.integrationsbeauftragte.de/ib-de/amt-und-person/informationen-zum-coronavirus

Currently, we recommend that you wait until the travel restrictions have been completely lifted before planning your trip.

What do I have to take into account when entering Germany?

Entry regulations depend on the country from which you are entering Germany. Some countries and regions are classified as Covid-19 risk areas. The list of these countries can change daily. Please inform yourself shortly before your entry here:

https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Risikogebiete_neu.html (English archive, current date)

People who had been in a risk area within 14 days before entering Germany can be obliged to stay in quarantine for 14 days after their arrival. 

Do I have to take a Covid-19 test before entering Germany?

Currently all persons entering Germany from a risk area are obliged to take a Covid-19 test. (For the list of current risk areas see link above).

It is recommended to take the test in your home country. Please note, that the negative test result must not be older than 48 hours. In this case you can avoid the quarantine obligation. You have to keep the negative test result for 14 days and carry it with you after your arrival in Germany.

Here you can find a list of the countries where you can take a Covid-19 test recognized in Germany:


What do I have to do, if I enter Germany from a risk area without a negative Covid-19 test?

If you come to Germany from a risk area without a recognized negative test result, you must take the test directly after your arrival. There are test stations in all airports.  You can find further information about the test and its costs on the websites of the airports.

If you travel by train, you can take the test in one of the big train stations (Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, etc.).

In some motorway service stations there are also test stations, if you travel by car.

Please note that you definitively have to go directly from the test station to your room in the residence or flat. You are not allowed to do shopping and you have to follow the hygiene rules (face mask, distance) on the way to your room.

When you have arrived in your room or flat you must inform the public order office in Tübingen about your arrival via e-mail to ordnung-gewerbespam prevention@tuebingen.de.

You are in quarantine until you receive your negative test result.

If you don’t know anybody who can do grocery shopping for you and support you during the quarantine, please inform the university about your necessities via e-mail to coronaservice-incomingspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de.

The University offers you a quarantine service (shopping etc.) for which you have to register. You will find the registration form on this website: Corona quarantine assistance bundle

I will be possibly obliged to be in quarantine in Germany. What do I have to do?

It is important that you are matriculated as a student, have a health insurance valid in Germany and have paid the student tuition and administration fees before entering Germany. Only then you will have your login data and you will be able to communicate with our service team without difficulties.

Please inform the university as soon as possible before your arrival via e-mail about your entry date (day and time): coronaservice-incomingspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de.

If possible, you should arrive in Tübingen during the opening hours of the Studierendenwerk (only on working days, for details please see the letter of offer), as you cannot sleep in a hotel or youth hostel if you are obliged to be in quarantine.

The university offers a free quarantine service to you. For food etc. you have to pay 100 € in advance to the account of the University. If you have to stay in quarantine for longer than 7 days you have to pay 100 € again. Any money, which has not been spent, will be refunded by the end of December.

The registration form will be published on this website in mid of September: Corona quarantine assistance bundle

Please note, that during the quarantine you may be accommodated in a different student residence reserved for this purpose.

The most important steps in summary:

If you have registered for the quarantine service, but eventually don’t need it, you will get back the whole amount of money you payed.

What do I have to do after my arrival to Tübingen?

If you enter Germany from a risk area without a negative Covid-19 test:

Please immediately send an e-mail to the public order office Tübingen  and inform them about your arrival: ordnung-gewerbespam prevention@tuebingen.de

Please send the following information.

„To whom it may concern,

I have entered Germany from a Covid-19 risk area.

Family name:

First name:

Adress in Germany:

Entry date:

Please contact me via e-mail.

With kind regards

First Name / Family name”


When you move to Tübingen or another city in Germany you also have to register at the Bürgeramt (citizen center) within 14 days. Please send an e-mail within this deadline and inform them about your arrival: buergeramtspam prevention@tuebingen.de.

To apply for a residence permit, please send an e-mail to the Ausländeramt (Immigration Office):  auslaenderamtspam prevention@tuebingen.de

I have taken a Covid-19 test in Germany. How do I get the result and what should I do with it?

You will receive the test result by post. You have to keep the written test result for 14 days and carry it with you for potential controls. You can have faster access to the test result, if you have installed the Corona Warn App on your smartphone.

Here you find more information on the Corona Warn App: https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-de/themen/corona-warn-app/corona-warn-app-englisch

Whom can I contact with questions with regard to the matriculation via e-mail or health insurance?

Questions about matriculation via e-mail:

Bachelor, State Exam, free mover: studyspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

Master: study.masterspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

Exchange and ERASMUS: simone.hahne@uni-tuebingen.de

Questions about health insurance: susanne.heldspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

I want to sign a contract for a room in a student’s residence of the Studierendenwerk, but I am still not sure whether I will be able to come to Tübingen. What should I do?

After signing the contract for a room in the student’s residence of the Studierendenwerk you can cancel it within two weeks. After this period, you have a period of notice of six months. This means you would have to pay for six months, even if you were not able to come to Tübingen e.g. because of problems with regard to visa. Therefore we recommend you to only sign a contract for a room, when you have your visa and are sure you will be able to travel to Tübingen.

FAQs for incoming exchange students

I already paid for my dorm room (rent or deposit) and I cannot or do not want to come to Tübingen for the exchange in the Spring Semester 2020. Can I get a refund?

In any case, you should terminate your rental contract immediately. You can find the form for termination at https://www.my-stuwe.de/wohnen/formulare-downloads/

The website of the Studierendenwerk with current information is

It should be possible to suspend the payment of rent due to financial hardship caused by Corona, as well as to recover the deposit. No agreement has yet been reached with the director of the Studierendenwerk regarding the existing notice periods (semester rental contracts). Enrolled students are entitled to free legal advice - also on the subject of housing:

What if I have been home for the break and I am not allowed to return to Tübingen for the summer? How do I get my belongings from the dormitory?

The dormitory administration can pack and store your belongings, they will also send them to you, but they will charge the postage to you. You need to cancel the rent contract and send the room keys by mail. Your contact at the dormitory office for cancellations and special arrangements is Mr. Ehrhardt. You can reach him at uwe.ehrhardtspam prevention@sw-tuebingen-hohenheim.de


What if I have been home for the break and I am not allowed to return to Tübingen for the summer? How can I deregister from the city?

You can fill out the cancellation form online on the city's website or download a pdf version and send it by email. Unfortunately the website and forms are only available in German.

Do I have to exmatriculate in person?

If you only did the online enrollment part, then no further action is needed. If you arrived and finished the steps to matriculation, or the re-enrollment for the second term, then you need to exmatriculate. This is the proper form:

The Student Office accepts it by email without the library stamp under:
studierendensekretariatspam prevention@verwaltung.uni-tuebingen.de 

You can request the termination certificate to be sent to you by email.

Can the semester contribution (88.30 €) be refunded if I have exmatriculated on time?

If you exmatriculate before 1 April 2020, you will be refunded automatically, unless you have paid the semester contribution in cash or your bank details have changed.  After 1 April 2020, you will have to make an application to get a refund. The refund consists of two individual amounts:

The social contribution for the Studierendenwerk is 84.80 €. The website where you can find the application for refunding and the correct contact person can be found here: https://en.my-stuwe.de/organisation/studierendenwerk-fees/
The application deadline is April 14th 2020. (April 1st plus two weeks).

The second fee (3,50 €) is the student body contribution.
To get a refund, please send an email to finanzenspam prevention@stura-tuebingen.de 
You will need a scan or photo of your exmatriculation certificate and your bank details for this as well. The deadline for the refund of this fee is one month after the beginning of the lecture period. For more information, see https://www.stura-tuebingen.de/2014/10/rueckerstattung-des-vs-beitrags/ (in German only).
For this small amount, please keep in mind that the transaction fee may be much higher than the actual refund, especially if the amount is transfered to a non-European bank account!

No refunds are possible after the given deadlines.

Is an exchange in Tübingen possible in the winter semester 2020/21?

Yes and no. The University of Tübingen is currently planning a blended learning approach for the winter semester 2020/21, consisting of a mixture of online and classroom teaching, in accordance with the measures and guidelines for social distancing.

However, the university leadership has decided to suspend the student exchange (does not apply to degree-seeking students, doctoral candidates and interns) with certain regions (incoming and outgoing):

The exchange with Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand will remain open in the winter semester 2020/21.

The exchange with Africa, North and Latin America will be suspended in the winter semester 2020/21.

In addition, lectures will begin later than originally planned.

Lecture period for the winter semester 2020/2021
Start of lectures:    
Monday, November 2, 2020

End of lectures:    
Saturday, February 27, 2021

No lectures on:
Thursday, 24 December 2020 to Wednesday, 6 January 2021 (Christmas break)

Re-registration deadline:    
1 June 2020 to 15 August 2020

The nomination and application deadlines for exchange students can be found at

Will there be an online course offer if I cannot come to Tübingen in the winter semester?

Yes, all international exchange students whose stay at the University of Tübingen has to be cancelled for the coming winter semester are welcome to study at the University of Tübingen in digital form from their home campus. If there is sufficient interest, we will design a digital course package for the exchange students that focuses on intercultural learning and language, and we will develop cooperative courses in the form of so-called Intertandem Projects.

Will the pre-semester language courses (Startkurs, German Compact Course) take place as planned in the winter semester 2020/21?

The pre-semester language course "Startkurs" will be offered from 5 to 23 October 2020 as a classroom course. The "Deutsch-Kompaktkurs" will not be offered in the fall.
Further information: https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/1624

Can I postpone my exchange semester to the next semester or year?

Yes, in theory. However, we might face a housing problem if many students decide to postpone. We need to see how things develop.


My home university told me to return home, but I don’t want to. Do I have to leave?

We recommend you get in touch with your home university. At this point, the University of Tübingen would let you stay. But please get in touch with your home university so that you will not face harsh consequences.  You could ask if your home university would be willing to let you sign a waiver so you can stay here at your own risk. Some universities may allow this, but some will not.


FAQs for incoming students in short term programs 2020

Summer School I (08/06-04/07) and Summer School II (13/07-22/08) within the program “International & European Studies”

I applied or plan to apply for a summer school within the IES program. Will the summer school take place?

As things stand at present, the summer schools are taking place as planned until further notice. However, due to the current dynamic situation we reserve the right to cancel the summer schools. We will inform the applicants by 30 April, 2020 about the final decision.


I already paid the program fee for the summer school within the program “International & European Studies”. In what cases will the program fee be refunded?

Participants will receive a full refund of the program fee, if:

  • The University of Tübingen has to cancel the program due to the current situation. 
  • An applicant comes from a risk area defined by the German Robert-Koch-Institut. In this case, unfortunately, we would have to withdraw the admission of the applicant - even if she/he has been accepted previously.
  • An applicant cancels because the country of origin defines Germany officially as a risk area.

Are travel expenses and visa costs reimbursed?

No. In any case, travel and visa costs will be borne by the applicants themselves. If you have not yet booked a flight, we may advise you to delay booking any non-refundable tickets for as long as possible. If you have already booked a flight, we recommend that you take additional travel cancellation insurance.


FAQs for degree-seeking students

Can I extend my registration deadline?

Yes, extensions of the registration deadlines are possible. Please contact your admissions office.

Is there still any personal study counselling?

Please understand that the personal study counselling can only be guaranteed in emergencies.  However, we will soon offer a counter where documents can be handed in if necessary. For telephone or video counselling, please contact your admission or study advisor by email.   

Must I expect any kind of discriminations?

In individual cases of discrimination have become known. However, Tübingen is generally a very friendly and cosmopolitan city and you have nothing to fear.


May I postpone my admission to the next semester?

A new application is necessary in any case.  In non-restricted subjects a new admission will not be a problem. In subjects with restricted admission, please contact the Admissions Office.


I am paying tuition fees for international students. What possibilities do I have if I am not able to study properly due to Corona?

The date for the possibility of taking leave of absence for international students has been extended to 31.05.2020. Students on leave of absence can now take part in all courses and examinations.  
You can find information about all changes caused by Corona here: https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/174693

I have serious financial problems because of the Corona situation. What can I do?

As announced by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) on 16th June, students in emergency situations can now apply to the BMBF for bridging aid that does not have to be paid back. Both German and foreign students can apply for the bridging allowance. Further information on how to apply can be found here:
(Updated 18 June 2020)

Information on loans can be found here.