Steps to enrollment:

  1. When you have found a supervisor, the second step is to apply for acceptance by the Faculty. Please fill in the application form which you will find on the Faculty website, and ask your prospective supervisor to sign it. He or she will be happy to help. You must then submit your application to the Faculty. When you receive a notice of acceptance, you may if necessary apply for a German visa.
  2. Once you have been accepted as a doctoral candidates by a supervisor and the Faculty, you have the option of making an online application for admission as a student - this enables you to enroll, which gives you student status. We recommend that you do so, because it gives you access to student facilities and discounts (such as the regional public transportation pass).
  3. Please have the following documents ready when you make your online application: a) Your notice from the Faculty of acceptance as a doctoral candidate (PDF copy) b) Your Master’s degree or equivalent (PDF copy) The online application form for enrollment is available here:
  4. Once you have received notice of admission to enrollment, and have arrived in Tübingen, go to the office for the Advising and Admission of International Students and present the originals or notarized copies of your academic certificates and your notice of admission from the Faculty.

    Dr. Reinhard Brunner
    Advising and Admission of International Students
    Division III/2
    Nauklerstr. 2
    72074 Tübingen
    Phone: ++49 / 7071 / 2972937
    Email: reinhard.brunnerspam prevention@abz.uni-tuebingen.de
  5. Then go to Student Administration (Studentensekretariat) to enroll: You will need:

    a) From the Faculty: Your notice of acceptance as a doctoral student
    b) From the office for Advising and Admission of International Students: notice of admission
    c) Your passport
    d) A passport-format photo
    e) Certificate of confirmation of German health insurance (or a certificate of exemption from German health insurance)

    Student Administration (Studierendensekretariat)
    Wilhelmstr. 11
    72074 Tübingen

  6. When you have been accepted as a doctoral student, you can apply for accommodation via the University. Alternatively, once you are enrolled as a student, you can apply to Student Services (Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim) for accommodation in student housing.

    Accommodations for doctoral candidates

    Halls of residence