Arrival in Tübingen and Orientation

Welcome to Tübingen!

We are delighted to welcome you at Tübingen University and hope you will have a wonderful and enriching stay here! Please find below all necessary information to get started.

Necessary steps on Arrival

What you need to bring

  • 400€ damage deposit, your rent contract and some cash for the first couple of days
  • Your national ID-card or Passport which needs to be valid for the whole duration of your stay
  • If necessary a student visa
  • valid health insurance proof

Where you need to go

  • If you have a confirmation for a room in the official student dormitories: Studierendenwerk Dormitory Office, Fichtenweg 5, 72076 Tübingen (You receive the damage deposit slip and an appointment with the janitor)
  • Janitor (You receive the keys to your room and the „Wohnungsgeberbestätigung“, Confirmation of residence, for city registration at the Bürgeramt)
  • Registration with the city at the Bürgeramt, Schmiedtorstrasse 4, 72070 Tübingen (You will need the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung from the janitor for city registration)
  • Registration at the Incoming Team, International Office, Wilhelmstr. 9 72074 Tübingen, Room 20 (ground floor) (You receive your Certificate of Arrival, if requested by your university / your student ID card / LogIn details for University accounts / help with further forms)

Plan your studies

Learning Agreement and Course Selection

The Learning Agreement sets out the programme to be followed abroad as part of an Erasmus exchange. Sometimes also overseas students receive a similar form by their home university which can be less formalized. It contains a list of courses/classes/lectures you want to attend.
Once you have chosen your courses, it must be signed by by the student, the academic advisors of the sending and the receiving institution.

The International Office is not authorized to approve your Learning Agreement, only the academic advisors.

Even if your home university does not request such a form, contact your academic advisors in time, as they will help you planning your studies.

Please find the list of the academic advisors corresponding to the faculties of Tübingen University here. These academic advisors also sign the “During the Mobility” or “Changes to the Learning Agreement” forms for European ERASMUS-students.

Under "course registrations", below you can check the course options you have during your studies.


Course Registration

Regular university courses

The regular university courses are listed in the  ALMA portal. Before you are enrolled at the university you cannot sign up for courses as you need a login and password created by the portal during the enrollment process. However you are able to view courses if you select “Öffentliches Vorlesungsverzeichnis" (no login necessary as it is public/öffentlich). It is regularly updated two weeks before the end of the previous semester. The course catalogue for the winter semester 2022/23 will be put online on July 12, 2022. This way you can already get information on the courses and prepare a schedule.

You only register for some of the courses (usually those who are limited in the number of participants). For others you need to register directly with the professor or you only need to register for the exam. The information should be provided in the course details in the ALMA system.

Here you get to the ALMA portal

General course information:

  • Lecture (Vorlesung) – not limited in number of participants. Requirements: regular attendance, oral or written exam. Average of 3-4 ECTS. You register for this course with the lecturer at the first session.
  • Seminar (Proseminar/Hauptseminar) – limited in the number of participants. Requirements: regular attendance, participation in class discussions, class presentation, exam and/or term paper. Average of 6 ECTS for a Proseminar and 6-8 ECTS for an (advanced!) Hauptseminar. Registration through ALMA portal unless ALMA portal states a different procedure.
  • Exercise (Übung) – limited in the number of participants. Requirements: regular attendance, weekly exams and practical exercises, final exam. Average of 3-4 ECTS. Registration through ALMA portal unless ALMA portal states a different procedure.

ECTS, LP (Leistungspunkte) or CP (Credit Points) are basically the same. They are related to the workload of a course. Generally speaking 1 ECTS credit point requires 30 hours of participation or preparation.

If the information on the syllabus and ECTS is not available in the ALMA portal, you need to find out for which module this course can be used. The module handbook will then give you a general idea about the things you learn in this class and the information about the ECTS. Module Handbooks (MHB) are usually on the faculty website. For instance Humanities

German as a Foreign Language

Course registration at our department for German as a foreign language is during the first week of term during a personal appointment at Wilhelmstrasse 22, room 201. Please visit them shortly after your arrival to schedule this personal appointment.

Apart from pure language training, they have a variety of courses in literature, history, and politics and intercultural communication especially for international students.

They only offer one course for beginners (A1) and the places are limited. Beginners are welcome to learn German at one of the private language institutes in Tübingen.

In addition to the pre-semester language and orientation intensive courses, you can select up to 3 courses (average of 4 ECTS per course)

For more information click here.

Foreign Language Center

The Foreign Language Center offers foreign language courses in a variety of foreign languages starting from beginner´s level to internationally recognized certificates as part of students´ individual schedule, career qualification or as preparation to go abroad.

To sign up for these courses you need to take a language ability test as soon as you are enrolled (you need your matriculation number for the test).

For more information please visit their homepage.

If you major in a foreign language (other than German) you would select courses at the Faculty of Humanities.

Advisory Services

Orientation week

In the Orientation Week prior to the official beginning of term, numerous welcome events and information / orientation meetings take place around the University.

The “Orientation Week” brochure provides information on the introductory events (help desk, advisory course, official welcome), general information (student initiatives), general orientation as well as orientation events at the various departments. Her you can find the current Orientation Weeks brochure shortly before the semester.

General advisory offers

The University of Tübingen offers a number of different services which give helpful advice to those planning to study in Tübingen as well as those already enrolled here - whether they are just beginning, are well into their studies, or are finishing their studies and planning a career.

For more information see Advising services.


If you are admitted for two semesters, it is easy to re-enroll.

Steps for re-enrollment

You need to pay the semester contribution (88,30 Euro) within the re-enrollment period. You need to state your matriculation number on the payment form or bank transfer. After successful re-enrollment the “Leporello” (enrollment certificate) can be downloaded from the ALMA portal.

Re-enrollment period is:

  • June 1 to August 8 for winter term
  • January 15 to February 15 for summer term

Prior to the beginning of the new term, you will be able to extend the validity of your student ID card at the terminal in the entrance area of Wilhelmstrasse 11.

If you have questions or encounter problems in the process of re-enrollment, please contact the Studierendensekretariat.